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Arts Fishing Club’s Chris Kessenich on the Arch City Music Podcast

Recorded from The Barn Studio

by Austin Basler

My co-host Mike and I were joined on the latest episode of the Arch City Music podcast by Chris Kessenich, lead singer of your next favorite Alt-Indie band Arts Fishing Club. We talked with Chris about the development of his musical career, his musical influences, and their upcoming shows and new music in one of our most fun, candid interviews to date.

The video starts with an interesting conversation that warrants context – Chris lost track of time (probably singing) in the shower prior to our phone call and was in such a rush that he called us practically from the shower itself, which made for a funny intro that you can hear at the beginning of the podcast below:


As I mentioned during the conversation, I discovered Chris and Arts Fishing Club during a YouTube wormhole that led to me the Long Lake Session version of their hit track Tupelo Honey, off their 2018 EP Human – I. The video begins with an explanation of the band’s name in a cozy, intimate cabin setting, followed by a performance that’s as fun as it is spectacular and will surely leave you wanting more.


Check out the band’s upcoming shows here, and mark your calendars for the release of their newest single on June 30th – the first of multiple to be released from their next album, coming soon!

Arts Fishing Club

Listen to Arts Fishing Club on Spotify. Artist · 53K monthly listeners.


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The Barn Studio

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