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Managerial Candidates For The St. Louis Cardinals

by Mick Lite

I was surprised to hear of Mike Shildt’s dismissal today. I would have bet big money on an extension happening… but here we are. “Philosophical differences.” That reason doesn’t make much sense to me because Shildt was totally homegrown in the organization and seemed to be exactly what they wanted/groomed. Wish there was more transparency to the story to better understand what happened and what exactly they didn’t agree on for the future… because I think everybody would like to know what the vision for the future is.

I was a fan of Shildt and when the flood of #FireMatheny comments were happening, I put my money on Shildt being named manager… even though most of the comment section was wanting Oquendo or Clapp or an outside name. The Oquendo ship sailed awhile ago. Clapp, sure, maybe. Shildt was an under the radar success in the minors for the organization, well for the people who only pay attention the big club. He won back to back to back championships and players all seemed to love him.

Unlike what many BFIBs think, I do believe the organization wants to be successful and isn’t just about making money. A lot of the old narratives are still in the comment section often, like being cheap, not making the big moves… those narratives don’t make much sense anymore. The team’s payroll goes up and up. Remember when everybody said they just needed one bat. Everybody laughed when there was even a suggestion of trading for Goldschmidt. Everybody hated on us here, when we traded for Arenado during our simulated MLB The Show season when there was no real baseball because it “wasn’t a realistic move.” Shildt made the playoffs in each of his years with the big club… maybe the front office wants more than just making the playoffs… like every one of us. They are investing a lot of money into the team and winning does equal more return on that investment.

I personally wouldn’t have minded an extension for Shildt. I thought he kept the team together through the adversity they faced. Sure, there were moves people questioned. No matter who is the manager, there will be those same criticisms for moves that don’t work out. People hated on Matheny, and it felt like everybody hated on LaRussa the entire time he was here. Everybody always wants Whitey ball… but if social media was around back then… with today’s mentality… people would have clamored for his firing many times as well. They will win, fans will say that it’s because of the players… they lose, they will say it’s because of the manager. The position will always be a thankless job… until they are gone and you wish we could have them back.

Matheny got another manager position after a year off. Shildt won’t have to wait as long and will find a good post. San Diego?

So who will be the next manager for everybody to 2nd guess and complain about on a daily basis?

“The person coming in is inheriting a very good club and will be someone familiar with what we have.” – MO


Marmol (35) was drafted by the Cardinals in 2007. He played in the organization for four years (2007-2010). In 2011, he became the hitting coach for the GCL Cardinals. In 2012, he became manager of the Johnson City Cardinals. Then managed the State College Spikes in 2014 until promoted to manager of the Palm Beach Cardinals for 2015-2016.  He joined the St. Louis staff in 2017 and became the bench coach in 2019.

In the minor leagues he compiled a 256-229 record.



Clapp (48) was drafted by the Cardinals in 1996. The Mayor of Memphis played in 23 games for the big club in 2001. He started out as a hitting coach in the Houston and Toronto organizations. He managed the Tri-City ValleyCats for two seasons before being named manager of the Memphis Redbirds. In 2017 he was named PCL Manager of the Year and Baseball America’s MILB Manager of the Year after winning the PCL Championship. He led them to another PCL Championship in 2018 and defeated the Durham Bulls in the AAA Championship Game. He was again named the PCL Manager of the Year. In 2019 he became the first base coach for the Cardinals.

He compiled a 258-174 record managing in the minors.

It figures to be one of them. Outside options could be Skip Schumaker or Mark McGwire among some others, but doesn’t sound likely to even speculate beyond Marmol or Stubby.

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