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El Monstero is first band to play “The Shed” since Pandemic

by Danya Artimisi

The Monster returned…. in a big, fiery way.

St. Louis’ beloved, El Monstero, played the first show at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater since the rise of the pandemic.  Aside from a few limited capacity, “drive-in” shows last summer, the venue has not held a full capacity show since October 4, 2019  when they hosted Kid Rock and Hank Williams, Jr.  It is apropos that “El Mon” manned the capsule and blasted off.

Concertgoers were pleased when curiosities were quelled as parking and entrance into the venue was smooth and unaffected by guidelines and restrictions.   They were greeted at the gates by the cops and the staff worked efficiently, were as friendly as always, and seemingly just as excited to be there as fans were to see the most spectacular show.

El Monstero is consistently unpredictable.  The show’s creative production has markedly grown each year, bringing a bigger and much more grandiose spectacle.

This  year, fans were treated to the staples that they’re eager to experience each year.  The helicopter fly-over during the intro to “The Happiest Days of Our Lives”, the lovely and silk-like maneuvers on the poles during “Young Lust”, and the cops made their return, but this show seemed to take lights, sound, and pyro to the next level; even bringing fire dancers to the stage.

Fans in attendance have reported that it was the most spectacular show to date, mimicking what can be said after every show prior.  Bigger and better.  Onward and upward.  Whatever the band’s mantra might be, it’s still working.


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