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Yadier Molina Is Buying His Childhood School

by Mick Lite

The Government of Puerto Rico announced that it has approved the request submitted by Foundation 4, incorporated by Yadier Molina, for the sale of the closed Espinosa Kuilan school in the municipality of Dorado.

“We are very excited about the proposal that our Puerto Rican star Yadier Molina presented to CEDBI to acquire the elementary school that he is located in the neighborhood that saw him grow. Governor Pedro Pierluisi has a firm commitment to our childhood and this proposal goes in that direction. From the CEDBI our priority has been to identify the best use of real estate that are not used by the State in order to bring more resources to the public treasury and encourage the properties to be used for activities that promote common welfare and social development and economic of our communities. Once again, our Golden Glove winner took it out of the park by proposing to convert the former school into a community center focused on sports.” expressed Omar J. Marrero.

The agreed price of the Espinosa Kuilan school campus is $170,000.00.

Earlier this week, the nine-time Golden Glove winner spoke during a press conference about his intention to acquire the elementary school located very close to his mother’s house as part of the projects he has to stay involved in what that happens in both Vega Alta and Dorado.

“I am very active in the things that happen in both towns. We will continue to help with our foundation. We have done many things for the community and we will continue to do them, ”Molina said.

Molina, who has also been pending the status of the Maestro Ladí de Vega Alta school, the campus where he studied and which is immersed in litigation over plans for a possible closure, said that at the Espinosa Kuilan campus he would seek to implement a long-term project focused on in music, art and dance in which children and young people from 5 to 18 years old have alternatives to enjoy these disciplines as opportunities for self-improvement and to improve their self-esteem, among other things, including sports such as baseball.

“It would not be academic at all. It would be things more inclined to art and music that my wife (Wanda) and I are planning. More music, more dance, more art. My 10 year old girl is in a music, art and dance school, and we wanted to acquire the school to promote that. To develop art and music. It is a shame that schools are closing. Education is very important, as is sport. But I’m trying to support the community when I can, because you can’t do everything you want. When I can, I’ll be there, ”said Molina.

In addition to being a proxy for the Vaqueros de Bayamón champions in the National Superior Basketball (BSN) and a proxy for the Guardianes de Dorado in the Double A Superior Baseball, Molina is in charge of eight teams of children’s women’s volleyball leagues in Vega Alta and nine teams baseball field in Dorado. He was in charge of the repair of a park in Dorado “and right now I have the one in Parcelas (Carmen, Vega Alta), which the past mayor granted me. We are doing many things as a foundation and we will continue in the future ”.

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