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Atmospheric Electronic duo SNOWK release groovy album ‘Powder’

by Dominico Lategan

[I’m Lost ft. J.O.Y] “Opening gently with synch lines and pop-focused lyrics, the track goes right into positively punchy melodies, matched with a flirty atmosphere crafted by German artist J.O.Y’s vocal work.”


[‘Under The Moon ft. J.Lamotta] Matching house electronics to neo-soul flavours, the group stretch the alt-R&B template until it breaks.
CLASH Magazine


‘Sunrise’ brings out a deeper and more soulful side of [Froya’s] vocal capabilities, while still staying true to her unique pop-style sensibilities.”
Mixmag Asia


“Flowing sweet, sorrowful and nostalgic feelings like snowdrift, they produce music with a sense of floating like powder snow lying gently onto urban asphalt pavement roads.”


Rising DJs and production duo, Snowk release their album, Powder on 22nd of January 2021 via Namy& Records and Warner Japan. The album will be accompanied by a psychedelic music video for ‘Miyanomori ft. Froya’ and has been preceded by a series of singles including ‘Under The Moon ft. J.Lamotta Suzume’ and ‘I’m Lost ft. J.O.Y’. Since the start of the project in 2019, the duo has had numerous releases with renowned label Kitsuné and have collaborated with major artists including Lee Wilson, Shigge, Røse. Their celebrated single, ‘This Is Good ft. Miraa May’ was selected for Kitsuné Musique’s Best Tracks 2019 and also included for a second year in the 2020 selection, along with ‘Not Yours’. The pair have also received support from NME, CLASH Magazine, Earmilk, Mixmag Asia, and Stereofox amongst others.


The album features numerous talented artists from around the world including J.Lamotta Suzume (hailing from Tel-Aviv and Berlin), J.O.Y (also from Berlin, Germany), Shigge (a fellow Japanese artist) and Lee Wilson (originally from England). Snowk is the joint effort of Japanese musicians Namy and Fuminori Kagajo. The two find inspiration amongst the genres of R&B, Acid Jazz and House music. Each collaboration is unique, encompassing a bit of the featured artists’ style, however, parallels can be drawn to the likes of The Weeknd, FKJ, Kaytranda and Mura Masa for the album.


Snowk’s well-known single ‘Not Yours’ (created with French producer Nude and Malaysian singer Froya, who also appears on the upcoming album) was featured in the Spotify New Music Friday playlist in 16 different countries. Other Spotify playlist features include Herbst Chillout, Chilled Pop Hits and Tokyo Rising, contributing to over 2 million plays across digital platforms.


Snowk lead us through an array of unique and talented vocalists with their signature production style guiding the way. Powder sets itself apart with each track showcasing a new artist that lends its own flavour to the mix. The album dances between pop, RnB and an underlying house element that provides rhythmic grooves to the romantic LP.


The duo tell us about the past, present and future of the project: “Snowk was formed exactly two winters ago. We have been blessed with a lot of good fortune, and all of our collaborations have been wonderful and thoughtful in their own way. From the time of our formation to the release of this album, we have been pursuing the uniqueness in our craft and we hope that you feel it when listening to this album. This is the first chapter of Snowk but not the last, we look forward to what’s next for us as we are already working on some new materials!”


Powder Album Tracklisting

01. Aura

02. Under The Moon ft. J.LAMOTTA Suzume

03. Catching Feels ft. MARICELLE

04. Margarita? ft. Froya

05. This Is Good ft. Miraa May

06. Forever ft. Ari De Leo

07. Good Love ft. Lee Wilson

08. I’m Lost feat. J.O.Y

09. It’s Real ft. Lee Wilson

10. Miyanomori ft. Froya

11. Sunrise ft. Shigge & Froya

12. Matsuzaki

13. Back To Love ft. Lee Wilson



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