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The Centene Community Ice Center Academy

by Mick Lite

Starting September 14th, 2020 the Centene Community Ice Center Academy will provide a supervised location for children to complete schoolwork while parents are at work. The Academy will also provide daily lunches and ice time to the students. The Centene Community Ice Center won’t be teaching the students, but they will be present to offer computer assistance, monitor students’ mask use, enforce social distancing and keep students focused on their work. There
will be 10 students allowed per classroom each with their own table for proper social distancing.

• There will be a 10% discount applied for multiple children attending from the same household.
• Maryland Heights Residents will receive a 10% discount.
• Offered every week starting on September 14, Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4pm.
• For more information visit www.centenecommunityicecenter.com.

“As schools reopen, we wanted share the facility amenities with the hockey community by providing a
supervised environment to allow children the opportunity to complete their classwork while parents or
guardians are at work, have a great meal from our chefs, and receive the physical education element by
incorporating our hockey instructors. The facility truly is a one stop shop for student athletes.” – Lance
Rosenberg, General Manager

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