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Palaye Royale Release Official Music Video For ‘Anxiety’

by Charley Bezer
PALAYE ROYALE, have today released the post apocalyptic, Mad-Max-esque music video for Anxiety taken from their new album, The Bastards (out now on Sumerian Records). The video was shot in the Nevada desert and picks up where their previous music video for Lonely left off. The track showcases the heavier end of the new PALAYE ROYALE sound found on their latest release. Watch the awesome new video, co-directed by Palaye Royale frontman, Remington Leith, by clicking here or on the image below.
PALAYE ROYALE - Anxiety (Official Music Video)
WATCH: Official Music Video for ‘Anxiety’
The Bastards had an incredibly successful first week when it released back in May, hitting #1 on both the Alternative Albums and Rock Albums Charts, #4 on Independent albums and #12 on the Top 200 Alternative Chart.
Musically, the album is an enormous step-up for the band. It is, in turn, dark, lush, angry, vulnerable, caustic and warm. From the grandiose Bond-theme-esque ‘Tonight Is The Night I Die’, to the darkly jarring ‘Anxiety’, from the quietly heartbreaking refrain of ‘Lonely’ and the massive fuzzed up, distorted guitars of ‘Nightmares (Coming Down)’, THE BASTARDS demonstrates just how far the band have expanded their writing and musical dexterity, rounding out their already accomplished arson with flourishes of electronics, metal beat-downs, drum n bass beats and haunting string arrangements. There are singles on the album, luminous highlights, but it’s also a piece of work that works beautifully when listened to as a whole.
Lyrically, the album addresses a number of important issues, prevalent to today’s youth – struggles with mental health, the gun violence epidemic, substance use as a means to escape a difficult reality and parental abandonment all play a part in the album’s rich lyrical tapestry. Speaking on the band’s refreshingly honest and open approach to writing on the new album, Remington adds
“We need a little honesty and a little truth. The world is getting so tainted by everyone trying to be so fucking perfect and so goddamn PG and trying to walk this line of not trying to offend anyone. People need to be themselves, just for 20 minutes at least.”
In short, THE BASTARDS is an album that demands your attention.The world needs PALAYE ROYALE right now and PALAYE ROYALE have delivered in spades.
Track Listing
01 Little Bastards
02 Massacre, The New American Dream
03 Anxiety
04 Tonight Is The Night I Die
05 Lonely
06 Hang On To Yourself
07 Fucking With My Head
08 Nervous Breakdown
09 Nightmares
10 Masochist
11 Doom (Empty)
12 Black Sheep
13 Stay
14 Redeemer
15 Lord Of Lies (Bonus track)
PALAYE ROYALE are leading a generation in togetherness through honesty, danger and infectious art-punk. They have clocked up over 95 million total streams on Spotify, over 59 million views on YouTube and have a combined social media following of over 1 million fans.
Their album Boom Boom Room Side B was released in September 2018 via Sumerian records and saw an impressive first week on the Billboard charts, debuting at #17 on the Top Albums Chart, #3 Top Alternative and #6 Top Rock. The lead single from the album, ‘You’ll Be Fine’ hit #23 at rock radio and to date has had 10.5 million streams on Spotify.
PALAYE ROYALE have gone from playing any show they could whilst sleeping in their car to playing mega-arena shows with names as iconic as Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie and Stone Sour, clocking up an incredible 700 shows in 4 years. That, plus appearances at festivals such as Reading and Leeds, Download, Sonic Temple, Isle of White, PinkPop and Nova Rock, has seen PALAYE ROYALE hone their live set into something visually and sonically stunning.
Palaye Royale are
Remington Leith – Vocals
Sebastian Danzig – Guitar
Emerson Barrett – Drums
What The Press Are Saying
“The Bastards is a thoughtfully crafted album that captures Palaye Royale’s vibrant essence and showcases their continuing musical growth into this new era. It is an album that deserves to be played loud, played often and played for years to come.”
– Beyond The Stage
“a playfully ingenious homage to the beloved years of 70s rock, bursting at the seams with a modern twist of indie-pop/pop-rock that for the first time unearths the band’s bold political takes with intrinsically punk values weaved throughout.”
– Distorted Sound
“Ambitiously over-reaching from start to finish, The Bastards is the sound of a band relentlessly pushing themselves creatively to broaden their artistic identity.”
– Classic Rock
“The Bastards is freaking off the chain! It is perfection musically, lyrically, and theatrically. It will punch you in the gut, squeeze your heart and give your ears a forty-minute orgasm. Do yourself a favor and get The Bastards.” – New Noise 5/5
“Emotional and striking, The Bastards is guaranteed to be their biggest release to date!”
– Cryptic Rock 5/5*
“From front to back, ‘The Bastards’ is awash with the glory of a utopia and the gutters of real life. It’s truly a journey, one you should embark on straight away”
– Into The Pit 5/5*
 “It is a triumph of epic proportions, expertly crafted, it is wonderfully rich, dark and beautiful with a delicious bite!”
– Independent Voice 5/5*
“The Bastards strikes a bold balance between unapologetically addressing prevalent issues amongst today’s youth, whilst sending shockwaves to the senses with dark, angry yet vulnerable music throughout the entirety of the record.”
– Bring The Noise 9/10*
“Play it loud and play it now! The Bastards will leave you with no choice in the matter, you will absorb every bit of the vivacity and passion these young brothers possess.”
– The Mind Noise 10/10*
“Palaye Royale are one of the most original groups around. Even if their struggles aren’t my struggles, the authenticity of the anger shines through, so does the passion and the skill. “The Bastards” is an anthem for anyone who needs one.”
– Maximum Volume 9/10*
“Palaye Royale are no strangers to flamboyancy, and this their most recent offering The Bastards proves that. The band and their cult following embrace the essence of rock and punk in a way many new bands fail to do so.”
– HighWire Magazine
“Palaye Royal clearly have the potential, the style and, most importantly, the songs to fill the biggest venues. ‘The Bastards’ falls just the right side of finely crafted and polished Art Rock.”
– Metal Talk
“Through all of the blood, the bust-ups, the swung punches, the long nights in the studio, the longer nights becoming friends again, these three brothers might just have created the album they’ll look back on in 20 years as THE moment where Palaye Royale truly clicked into gear.”
 – Rock Sound Magazine (cover feature)
“If the Rolling Stones and My Chemical Romance had a love child it would be Palaye Royale”
– Alternative Press (cover feature)
“OTT Vaudeville swagger with shimmering melodies, huge hooks and a coating of grit…an exciting evolution for a band that are already something very special”
– Kerrang!
“Of course, none of this would matter if the music wasn’t good. It is. There’s a dash of early-Rolling Stones to what they do. A bit of The Faces. Quite a lot of T-Rex. A peppering of the New York Dolls, maybe even some Arctic Monkeys, while Remington has the sort of voice a man called Remington is supposed to have. Raspy, soulful, lived in.”
“Welcome the next wild and dangerous millennial rock band.”
– The Aquarian Weekly

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