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Nelly vs Ludacris: Live on Instagram. Just what was needed.

by Veronica Smith

Nelly or Ludacris, who to choose? 

As we all get used to our new normal we have found new and creative ways to do it. Artists seem to do their concerts, shows, and more through FB or IG live, and this past weekend Ludacris and Nelly did just that. 

The two music powerhouses battled it out and caught the attention of many around the world. 

We have Nelly with hits like Country Grammar, Hot in Here, E.I, Batter up and more. With these #1 chart toppers that came to be with Jason “Jay E” Epperson and Jason “Koko” Bridges, we will always have songs that will never get old, will always be on our road trip playlist, and that will bring the dance and music number out of anyone. 

Then we have Ludacris with hits like Act a Fool, Rollout, What’s your fantasy, and more. He’s even got his foot in with the Fast and Furious Franchise and other movie credits. Some may not know that he also has DJ and on-air personality experience. This man of many talents from the ATL came with plenty of experience from every direction. 

So as their live event went on we have to say it was unexpected, fun, pure, relaxed, and over all down to earth even with technical difficulties. After all this played out I asked a few artist, producer, radio personnel, promoters,  a professional boxer and fans their take on it and here’s what  a few had to say…

Jason “Koko” Bridges stated “ The biggest shoutout he gave me was my opportunity to place tracks with him. I’m forever thankful for that.”

Phil Assets from Liquid Assets quoted, “ I really enjoyed the battle minus Nelly’s technical difficulties. I was somewhat disappointed with Nelly’s playlist, I feel he should have come stronger out of the gate. He was at a slight disadvantage though with Ludacris being a former DJ and On Air Personality. He was more prepared and organized. Nelly was enjoying himself and left all of STL like “HUH”. Overall it was great and made me realize how many hits Ludacris had. I know Nelly’s hits from being from the Lou, but Luda surprised me.”

Video director Fonzy stated “In my unbiased opinion, I will have to give the win to Nelly. Nelly had “bigger” hits while Ludacris had “more” hits. Both artists are top caliber musicians and legends in their own right. It was a great showcase of their catalogs and I’m appreciative that they were able to create that moment and spark some fun in a time much needed.”

Murphy Lee stated “allpraisedue2hiphop#tic4life”. Rapper Junior said “I’m not a fair weather fan. I ride for home base, good or bad. I’m just glad that someone from the city is being recognized for their contributions to something I grew up loving (hip hop). Nelly was and still is a huge influence in my career and all I can say is ’Thank you’ for putting on family”. 

Tony Potrico from 105.7 The Point said “seeing both Nelly & Ludacris sharing some of their bangers brought me back to a time when music truly was fun. You couldn’t NOT smile as the two went back and forth with jammer after jammer. I mean, I’m a little biased because I’m a STL guy, but I think Nelly had the most fun for sure!” 

World champion Boxer in two weight classes,  Devon Alexander, put his take on it as well and he had to say “The battle was good for both sides in my opinion. I thought my man Nelly had a rough patch in the beginning but got it together. My thought on him shouting out a lot of people who helped him was a let down for me. So many people had a hand in his success. It was a big moment for the city and I feel he should have gave a few shout-outs because that could have went a long way.” 

Artist Ginuwine said “ Heard it was nice and it keeps people entertained so it’s a great gesture by the entertainers to choose to do that.”

A few fans had a few things to say as well, one fan said “ I was trying to relive my childhood but the storms took that away by causing technical difficulties”. Another one said “ those beats though! Let’s not forget those beats”.

As people kept weighing in another  fan pointed out that his team went unnoticed. A fan quoted “ Nelly, your team deserves credit as well, a simple shoutout would have been great especially when they gave you 20+ years of hard work and dedication.” Another stated “Nelly represented The Lou well, and Ludacris doing his thing for the ATL represented his home well. He didn’t forget the fans and his team”.

With all these quotes from people it’s safe to say that battle brought opinions from every spectrum possible. We can all agree to disagree but this was a battle everyone all loved seeing and each and everyone is grateful for it. But a huge shout out and thank you to Jason “Jay E” Epperson and Jason “Koko” Bridges for bringing so much talent to that multi platinum 2000 album “Country Grammar” which sold over 10 million copies. 

These two brought their raw , talented, genuine selves to this project and deserve a little recognition. Your smarts, street cred, talent, and overall greatness to this album doesn’t go unnoticed. You both represent STL well. That album brought a new sound and style to hip hop and rap. 

Until the next one, quarantine cannot and  will not stop the musical talents of hip hop. 


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