Home Editor's Picks “Big Love: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac” epitomizes the musical essence of one of Rock’s most iconic groups

“Big Love: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac” epitomizes the musical essence of one of Rock’s most iconic groups

by Danya Artimisi

It’s no secret.  Tribute bands in St. Louis are equally abounding and spectacular.  We are certainly lucky in that regard. Of course, it helps when you have veteran rockers who embody the groups who sell out every show they play; some of which have been doing it annually for over twenty years.  

However, here it comes, out of nowhere.  Flooded with hundreds of years of experience, collectively, but none of which play a role in any of the other heavy-hitting, long-time, more well-known STL tributes.  This is a breath of fresh air. The aura is still emanating the full spectrum of color. This is Big Love.

They describe themselves as this:

The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac experience, Big Love takes you on a musical journey from the bluesy beginnings of Fleetwood Mac to the famous hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.  Big Love has been delivering one of the nation’s top Fleetwood Mac experiences for the past 3 years, playing theaters, festivals, casinos, nightclubs, and private events.  Close your eyes and you would think you were listening to the real Fleetwood Mac in the flesh!”

Allow me to expound.  Whoever wrote the explanation in the “About Me” section of the social media page, quit being so damned modest!

Big Love is (this is where I genuinely had trouble coming up with illustrative words to do this band justice.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to at this point.) an experience. I say “experience” because not only do you get the visual of a “Stevie” and “Christine” look-alike at the front of the stage, but (eye muffs) holy shit, they play with grit, feeling, heart, and sweat…exhausting every ounce of physical and spiritual energy they have and just leaving it on the stage like the remnants of massive rager are all that remain.

The band opened with “The Chain”.  (THAT?? Blowing your load out of the gate?? – They say: Hold my beer.)  After the eerie and ominous opening of the kick drum and the super identifiable Buckingham rif, the harmony comes along and punches you in the face and shoves it’s tongue down your throat at the same time.  Yes, it’s that good.  

The band went on to play multiple sets and it seemed like their breaks lasted longer than Fleetwood Mac’s tenure, but that was only due to my own anticipation.  In their defense, they were playing longer sets than most bands and their breaks were brief.  

They returned to the stage to continue with more Fleetwood Mac hits than you knew that you knew.  

They packed the place nuts to butts twice in a month – and that was even with a cover charge.  People came from far and wide just to see the band. Not surprised. Hell, I even made the trek from the east side, all the way out to O’Fallon, MO to check it out.  And, no, they did not ask me to review their band. I asked them if I could. True story. Not usually the case, but it was this time.

Yes, yes…I’m a big fan of FM.  Sure. But I also know good music when I hear it.  I know a band that executes a vision on point when I see it.  I know talent and I certainly know passion. I’ve been doing this for a minute.  They personify all of it.  

I can sit here and write good things about Big Love all day, but I don’t think I’ll ever quite find the words to do it the justice it deserves in relation to just how phenomenal they are individually and collectively.  There is no visible, sexual heated chemistry between “Stevie” and “Lindsey”, so if you’re coming for the soap opera part of it, you may be disappointed. At which time I may ask you to reexamine your standards.

And at last, what a score it was to see them on stage at a freaking bar!!!!  If that happens again, grab the opportunity. They need a bigger stage. They command a bigger audience.  They really are Big Love.


Dave Kalz – Guitatrs

Daryl Whited – Drums

Greg Hulub – Bass/Guitar/Vocals

Gail Payne – Vocals

Heather Moon Jones – Keys/Vocals

Dave AlanS – Vocals/Guitar

**And give it up to anyone who can Buckingham.  (Yes, I verbalized it.) Kalz and AlanS, sheesh.  

I’m out. You don’t get better than this. Period.  *Flips game board*  

And if you find a better FM tribute, show me.  


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