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DragonScales 6: Love and Redemption

by Laurie Beakley

The offering of the day from bigfishgames.com is another match 3 game & this one is called DragonScales 6: Love and Redemption. It’s obvious by the title that this is part of a series & based on the description it’s the final game in the series. Looks like this one is go big or go home, too.

Match 3 games have never been a genre that interested me too much, so I don’t know anything about the DragonScales series. I am curious about how many levels this thing has when the game description says there are 130 NEW levels! Holy crap! Before starting, I know I won’t make it to the end of this game during the 60-minute free game play.

In DragonScales 6: Love and Redemption, your character Zarya & her friends are heading into battle for the last time. Zarya plan is to release the dragon’s power & go up against the Dark Empress. Sounds exciting! There are new challenges for this final game, you can collect keys to unlock doors, use gravity to switch the board around to solve puzzles, a new power-up system, multiple enemy line-ups, 130 new levels, advanced quests & more. Almost sounds like this should be a Collector’s Edition but it’s not. I’ll check it out & see what I think.

Not for me, not for me at all. I only played for 8 minutes of the 60-minute free game play & I knew this was not a game for me. Not only did I find this to be different from a match 3 game, I found it to be lacking any sort of a challenge at all. When I’m told I’ll be playing a match 3 game, I expect to be matching symbols. Not in this game. This more closely resembles a marble shooter type game. To make matters worse, and this is where the lack of challenge comes in, you’re told WHERE to place the gems. What is the point of that? Each time a new gem shows up, a little pattern shows up on the board to highlight exactly where you can place it. Don’t bother trying to put it someplace else, you can’t. I gave that first level the benefit of the doubt thinking maybe it was a tutorial level to show you how to play. Nope, 5 levels later, same thing. I quit!

So, to pull this all together for you. DragonScales 6: Love and Redemption doesn’t strike me as a match 3 game at all. It’s more like a marble shooter that tells you EXACTLY where you are going to shoot the marble if you want to or not. If you want a game that’s going to dictate game play to you, this is right up your alley. I have to say, I’m glad I never played a DragonScales game before & I’m glad that this is their final battle.

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