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Fantasy Mosaics 39: Behind the Mirror

by Laurie Beakley

The offering of the day from bigfishgames.com is a puzzle game called Fantasy Mosaics 39: Behind the Mirror. 39? I had to look that up, I’ve never played one of these before but yes, this is the 39th Fantasy Mosaics game. FYI, there is a search box for each platform that bigfishgams.com has games for so you can look up games. Anyway, if this is the 39th Fantasy Mosaics game, it MUST be good! Time to find out.

This game made me feel stupid! A character named Penguin Penny steps through a café mirror into this fantasy world with all these mosaic puzzles. If I had been Penguin Penny, I would have looked for the quickest way back out! You have a board that looks like graph paper with numbers along the top & down the left side that correspond to the number of colored squares in each row. When you click on the squares, you’ll either reveal a color or an X. Too many X’s & the game is over. If you remember a game called Minesweeper, it’s a lot like that.

Suffice it to say, I didn’t make it through the one-hour of free play. I won’t lie, I didn’t make it through 5 minutes. I got so confused & so mad; I gave up. In the game description on bigfishgames.com, it says it’s based on logic. That should have been a red flag for me! Logic & I are not friends. Maybe you’ll enjoy a game like this. Maybe the next puzzle game they have to offer won’t be so puzzling to me. For now, I’ll go back to Amy’s Greenmart from yesterday & wait to see what tomorrow’s Game of the Day is.

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