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Amy’s Greenmart

by Laurie Beakley

Amy’s Greenmart is a time management game, you’ll notice a lot of these on bigfishgames.com. Personally, I like them. There are different types of these but completing challenges within a specified time frame will always be a common theme.

OMG! This game frustrated me to the point that I bought it. Yes, I bought it. I even reactivated my Big Fish Game Club Membership. I paid $6.99 to be permanently aggravated by this game. Now, I’ll tell you why.

Amy’s Greenmart is a storyline time management game. You own & operate an eco-friendly store & you even have a cat named Napoleon that mingles among the shoppers cheering them up when you get a little too busy to cater to their every whim. This is right up my alley! I made it through day 12 during the one-hour free trial, failing more than a couple of levels and you can not advance when you fail a level, you must play it until you pass.

This game only gives you two modes to play in, too. Normal mode, which is what I played since I play a lot of time management games, (how hard could it be, right?) or relaxed mode. Normal mode was kicking my butt! You have to stock shelves, grow fruit, harvest fruit, feed & water Napoleon, run a juicer, clean the floors, stop thieves, curb unruly teenagers AND run the cash register! Oh, I noticed that milk is going to be sold in the next level. Yeah, as time ran out on the one-hour free play, that was popping up. Can’t wait to see how that turns out. All those things must be done within a certain timeframe because can’t fail. If you fail, you have to replay the level until you pass. The good thing is you earn money. Not real money, though I wish it were because I’d never stop playing. LOL! The money is spent on really cool upgrades like a cashier who you do have to wake up to get her to check out the customers but it’s one less thing you have to do. You can also get a security guard to bust those thieves for you, larger displays so you don’t have to stock the shelves to much & a larger food dish for Napoleon. As a real-life cat mom, I know how important that one is.

The graphics are sharp, lots of colors & the gameplay is super easy to follow. One thing I don’t like that I noticed right away is that you can’t undo your lineup. In some time management games like this, you can stack your moves but if you make a mistake, clicking the right mouse key will undo your lineup. That doesn’t work here & was the reason I failed some of the levels. Be careful how you lineup your moves because you can’t undo them. Once you set Amy up on her tasks, she’s off on that mission. If you didn’t mean to have her go in that order, tough. That’s how she’s going & it’s going to take up valuable time until she’s finished.

This isn’t really a HARD game to play, I wouldn’t call it easy either. It’s a challenge to stack your moves, it can make you think because you have to plan ahead a little. Yes, it’s a time management game but it could even fall under strategy. There is a strategy category on bigfishgames.com I just don’t go near them very often. You’ll notice I lean toward time management & hidden object. Mindless games suit me just fine. Now, I’m going back to this game because I have to know how it ends! Happy Monday!

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