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Our Initial Review: The Mandalorian

by Nick Stucker

We’ve been hearing it for a while now. There will be a live action Star Wars series here and a mini-series there. For a moment, there was a title called’ Underworld’ attached to these various projects. But they never came to fruition. Well, enter Disney.

When Disney bought the Star Wars franchise, immediately they announced a new trilogy. They didn’t waste a minute. But as time went on, more ideas started to manifest. It was at this point we came to the manifestation of ‘The Mandalorian’. While it was tossed back and forth about creating a live action Star War series years ago, there was just no stability to do it. Once Disney created this basis, we were able to move forward.

The Mandalorian takes place roughly 5 years after Star Wars Episode VI: The Revenge of the Sith. While The New Republic is thriving and expanding, among the Outer Rim worlds where law and order is determined by class, we have The Mandalorian, utilizing his skillset to track and hunt down dangerous fugitives of the law for monetary gain.

With the start of the first episode, I was not very confident of its success. However, because Marvel’s Jon Faverau was its creator/directer, I gave it a chance. And holy shit, was I wrong.

The Mandalorian could very well set records and  a standard for what live-action Star Wars films/series should be. The

Mandalorian is surreal, visceral, plays with your emotions and above all, has immaculate visuals. Some would go so far as to say that the 30 minute episode has more depth and story than the new Sequel Trilogy episodes. And according to Rotten Tomatoes, the series is already at a 88% Fresh Rating. While initially it was sitting at 94%, this is still a monumental placeholder for a live action Star War Series.

The first two Mandalorian episodes are out now, with the third episode is set to be released November 22nd.


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