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We’re a Little Late But….Our Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere Review

by Nick Stucker

It’s been a while since we’ve done a review on The Walking Dead, or even Fear the Walking Dead. So much has transpired throughout the last few seasons, and even in the comics themselves. So, we’re here to catch you up.

The Season 10 premiere aired on Sunday and really surprised me after finishing the episode. Why? Because it felt fresh. The last few seasons have mimicked the comics, as they should since they are the only source material that’s available. However, between some bad acting, plot choices and EXTREMELY bad graphics usage, The Walking Dead has slowly spiraled down in the last few years. Sure, it still has a massive following, but not like it did since the group was at the prison in Season’s 3 and 4.


So at this point, if you haven’t caught up yet to The Walking Dead, or the comics, we’re gonna ask you to stop reading, cause there are some major spoilers ahead.

Perhaps the major kicker that rocked The Walking Dead was the ‘death’ of Rick Grimes. To his group, and his daughter, he’s dead; however, he is very much alive in another part of the country recovering. With that, we know

that the first of three movies about Rick Grimes is set to release this year, with Andrew Lincoln reprising his character. Whether or not it’ll be revealed to his Walking Dead family that he’s alive is remained to be seen. However, his ‘death’ was perhaps the biggest hit to the season in the last couple years.

What’s really fresh about Season 10, is that there is now an endgame to the series itself, and a choice of whether it will continue.

Why? Well recently, The Walking Dead Comics came to an abrupt end when the titular character Rick Grimes was gunned down and killed by a fellow town resident while he was asleep. His son, Carl (who is alive in the comics, but dead in the TV series) put the re-animated Rick Grimes down, for good. After that, one comic was release to show the end of the series and its various characters.

So now, we are seeing the real finality to the TV series of The Walking Dead, because there is not much more once the battle with The Whisperers comes to a close. And at this point, we are at the half way mark with combating against The Whisperers in the TV series.

As for the initial episode: it really was a breath of fresh air. Excellent acting, great story plot and now, finally, for the first time, are we seeing subtle hints of a Daryl and Carol romance (something we’ve all been wanting to happen). It’s cute as well to see young Judith embracing both her Rick Grimes and Michonne roots, with Judith using a small sword, mimicking her adopted mother’s, to kill walkers. All the while still sporting her father’s deputy sheriff hat.

The addition to the satellite falling to Earth was an excellent piece; it shows how the world is still responding to how governments have fallen, and what happens to technology once it is not operated by us. It adds a sense of wonder about what else can happen to humanity, by our own machinations, once left unchecked.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 2 airs next Sunday.

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