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New Artist Spotlight – Liars, Freaks, and Fools by Ivan Beecroft

by Aaron Mullins

Welcome back to another New Artist Spotlight. For this edition we will take a look at “Freaks, Fools, and Liars” by Ivan Beecroft.  The album was released on May 11th of this year and marks the 4th album to be released by Beecroft. Ivan is a very versatile musician who has played Ute, saxophone, guitar, and drums. He’s used his extensive musical ability in multiple bands, gigging early on in his musical endeavors. He went from gigging in bands to doing his own writing and recording for his original material.

“She Said” from the critically acclaimed album “Whatever” was in the top 100 (#81) on US college radio and No.23 on the Alternative charts beating out Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, The Killer’s, Marilyn Manson, Beck, Stone Temple Pilots and more.

Check out his own thoughts on the new record. The music I am currently creating is…going back to my roots in rock and blues which is why I initially started playing in bands as I was interested in guitar rock from the 80’s and 90’s, it’s a very important transition from my earlier releases as it shows a more pub rock style that was typically around in Australia in the 80’s as I really want to turn people back onto this type of music.”

Track List:
1. Inequality
2. Deranged
3. Life Goes On
4. A4
5. Shame On You
6. Shattered Dreams
7. The Gypsy Joker
8. Rock This Night Away
9. Bad Company
10. Let It Go

This album is full of solid tracks that will be sure to delight those inner rockers. It reminds me a lot of early 2000’s grunge and in the best ways. The guitars are heavy and drive the songs forward.  The album does have a couple longer songs as well crossing over 5 minutes. The production value of the record is top notch as well. Beecroft does all the mixing for his records and you can tell he has learned a lot with this being his 4th record.

Some of the songs I’d recommend are “Inequality”, “The Gypsy Joker”, and “Let It Go”.

Overall I think this is a good record. I’d definitely give it a listen if I were you and I’d go check out Ivan’s earlier work as well!

Musicians: Ivan Beecroft (vocals, guitar, synth, drums, bass)
Styles: Retro/Rock, Grunge/Pop, Cynical/Rock
Similar To: Nirvana, Soundgarden,The Doors, The Church

Check out some music videos below!

Music Videos
Shattered Dreams: https://youtu.be/kvdHgBMWFow

Inequality: https://youtu.be/hoK4CX3k5Mo

Bad company: https://youtu.be/UVlOSQB4OlU

The Gypsy joker: https://youtu.be/rHJ1AgxW99Q

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Artist Links
Youtube Channel

Contact Details
Artist Contact: ivanbeecroft@gmail.com
Press Contact: james@independentmusicpromotions.com

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

Aaron M.

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