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New Artist Spotlight: Marty Thompson – My Kind of Woman EP

by Aaron Mullins

A new segment that I’m going to do moving forward is the New Artist Spotlight. I used to perform music myself so I know first hand how difficult it would be to earn press. So my goal is to find artists both young and old that should be on your radars across many different genres. Today we have Marty Thompson.


Thompson has been around the music business for some time. He learned guitar from the late Scott Fraser while attending TCU and spent his time working as a Stage Technician for a local club in Texas. In 1997 he moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee in order to obtain a degree in Recording Industry.  He has released two solo albums. He released If You Could See Me Now in 2015, and Romantic Stories in 2018.

Marty Thompson might be a singer-songwriter based out of Texas, but once you tune your ears into his new EP My Kind Of Woman, you’ll be transported into another world. The seven track EP dives into experimental rock sounds and sounds almost space-like at times. The EP is set to be available this Thursday, May 23rd.

Track Listing

  1. Hope Is A Waking Dream
  2. Paint What You Think
  3. My Kind of Woman
  4. Lush (Feat. Chris Zimmerly)
  5. Patience
  6. To The Pebbled Shore
  7. M.C. Zebra

You get to feel the space-like psychadelic vibe from the start with the opening track “Hope Is A Walking Dream” with it’s wonderful use of synthesizers and altered vocal qualities. Thompson’s voice reminds me a lot of Jack Antonoff of the band Bleachers.  The album quickly changes into an almost western sounding punk rock tune titled “Paint What You Think.” This song for some reason reminds me of title screen for the movie Rango starring Johnny Depp as a lizard who gets caught up in a western adventure. Be sure to check out the video for “Paint What You Think” below. The video was directed by Trip Ross.

The Title Track “My Kind Of Woman” might be the strongest of the bunch. Great use of instrumentation with multiple guitars and effects. The next song on the album titled “Lush” begins in what sounds like a live setting which fades into a more studio type of feel. It is one of the shorter tracks, and when the vocals finally kick in, they have a sweeping effect going from the left and right side eventually fading back towards the original live setting.

We move on to probably the weirdest song of the album titled “Patience.”  It has a space quality to this as well almost as if you’re stuck running away from alien creatures.  “Pebbled Shore” is another interesting track. I really liked it’s use of the background vocals to give it an ominous feel.

A huge part of this album is directed towards a space and psychedelic vibe and that comes through nicely with the last song “Mczebra” which come on… that’s a pretty awesome title. It clocks in over 7 minutes long and is driven by some pretty sweet guitar playing.  Good end of a solid EP if you ask me.

Wrap Up

If you have never heard of Marty Thompson, this is a great entrance into his style of music. If you’re a fan of bands such as Pink Floyd, Phish, or Widespread Panic, I could see Thompson being someone you throw into the mix.  Go check out My Kind Of Woman which is available May 23rd.

To keep up with Marty Thompson visit him at the following links







Contact Details
Artist Contact: marty@martyt.com
Press Contact: james@independentmusicpromotions.com

Thanks for Reading

Aaron M.


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