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Winning Isn’t Complicated

by Aaron Mullins

Fellow writer and podcaster Ron Nuttall made an interesting discovery. The Cardinals front office seems to love the three “C” words.

Ron Nuttall on Twitter

The body of John Mozeliak’s work as GM/Prez of baseball operations has been pretty damn good when you look at it all. Just one thing though. I may avoid using the 3C’s during the off-season. Confident. Comfortable. Complicated. Those words scare me.


We always knew that the front office was confident and comfortable with their current roster construction. But complicated is a new one.

Mozeliak had this to say to Rick Hummel of the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

“Is there another piece we could add, based on where the market is?” Mozeliak said. “Any move we would make now would sort of complicate things.”

Winning isn’t complicated Mo.

Bryce Harper is still available. Manny Machado is a still available. Dallas Keuchel is still available. Craig Kimbrel is still available. These players make your team better.

Is it possible that Dexter Fowler has a comeback season? Absolutely, but he is not Bryce Harper. The rotation has some good things going and has plenty of depth, but why would another 200 innings complicate things. The Cardinals haven’t had a legitimate closer for a few years now. Kimbrel is one of the best closers of the last decade, but adding him would “complicate” things.

The three “C” words will forever haunt Cardinal Nation. Confident, Comfortable, and now Complicate.

Winning isn’t complicated. If you want to win, these players make your team better and put you in a better position to win. This team is already in good shape, but why stop now?  Shouldn’t you always look to improve? Because there are plenty of available that improve this club.

Don’t complicate things Mo.

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