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Jason Mraz Brought Heartfelt Performance To Stifel Theatre

by DeeDee Pohlman

Jason Mraz’s warm tones were the perfect “Remedy” for a frigid night in St. Louis. With his long-time pal Toca Rivera on the djembe drum and special guest Gregory Page bringing in the harmony, some 3,500 of all ages were moved to tears, laughter, and even dancing. The Stifel Theatre (formerly, The Peabody Opera House), was shown what true love was on the cold night of December 9th.

Page kicked off the night with his Irish-American folk tunes. Singing songs of love and life, he tugged on the Heartstrings of everyone. Mraz harmonized and yodeled in Page’s newest single I’m Alive, leaving the crowd and himself breathless by the end.

Another special guest Mraz jokingly said “wasn’t on the poster,” Billy Galewood, added a bit of comedy to the show during Karate. Galewood acted out entire skits to several songs during the show dressed as a Christmas elf. At one point, Rivera had to stop playing completely because he was laughing too hard. Luckily, Mraz and Page were able to keep a (mostly) straight face during Galewood’s skits long enough to finish the songs.

Galewood wasn’t the only comedian though. Mraz cracked a few jokes, not only between songs, but during them, by switching up lyrics. While singing You and I Both, Mraz added a verse about how texting would be easier than calling on the phone. Another crowd favorite was at the end of Have it All when he sang “I want you to have an amazing life and I hope that it starts tonight and continues through the season when you’re decking the halls because I want ya’ll to have it all.” Mraz also had the crowd roaring when he failed to tune his guitar properly and when he tried to fix it, he only made it worse. He said it wasn’t part of the show. We may never know if he was telling us the truth, but it was definitely funny either way.

Love was the theme of the night whether it be romantic or brotherly. Friends sang at the top of their lungs Unlonely with their arms around each other. The crowd was eventually moved from laughter to tears during Mraz’s hit song I Won’t Give Up. Several couples even got up from their seats to dance with each other. As everyone sang, swayed,danced, and cried, love filled the auditorium.

The Stifel Theatre was shown a range of emotions on that night. Mraz and Page taught everyone a lesson of love; a lesson that will be felt for days to come and aren’t we all Lucky?

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