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Ladies Take the Lead with Halestorm in St. Louis

by Gabby Reed

Halestorm traveled to St. Louis for their Vicious tour and brought their best female-lead bands along for the ride. The Nov 29 show was packed full of all ages, sharing one thing in common – their love for rock music.

New Years Day first took the stage with a bang. The set was complete with lots of head banging from lead singer Ashley Costello, summoning the “metal Gods” and their guitarist playing down the main aisle.


The classics “We Will Rock You” and “Don’t Stop Believin’” rose the crowd’s anticipation until the black widow curtain dropped. In This Moment singer Maria Brink was the center of attention in her extravagant headpiece. The very elaborate set included a temple with crosses and masked dancers.

Brink’s unique voice was accompanied by New Years Day’s Costello, jumping back on stage for “Black Wedding.” The pair showed the crowd how well their voices flow together with this duet.

Overall their performance was very visual from the dancing to the costume changes and stage props. The set completed with the group’s 2012 single “Whore,” with balloons bumping around the crowd. Brink showcased her sense of intriguing headwear once again wearing a tall white hat bearing the song title.

The long awaited performance from Halestorm began with “Skulls,” from their newest album Vicious. Singer Lzzy Hale shared her array of guitars, most impressively a double neck. Lzzy also dressed to impress in her tall heels, which she rocked all night no problem.

“This one is for all my strong, and beautiful, and vicious women out there,” Lzzy said from the front of her piano, painted with the band’s logo. She played “Dear Daughter,” a softer, but empowering song for women.

Lzzy’s younger brother, Arejay Hale, entertained the crowd with his drum solo. Arejay was very interactive with the crowd and even showed off his skills with enlarged drumsticks.

After concluding an extended version of their 2012 single, “I Miss The Misery,” the band brought the other musicians and crew on stage to share a moment with a celebratory toast. The night closed off on a hopeful tone with “Here’s To Us,” celebrating all the mistakes made because – as the song says – things get better.

Halestorm proved they can stand the test of time after being together for over 20 years and still bringing the intense energy in their music and powerhouse vocals courtesy of Lzzy Hale.

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