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House of Cards Resuming Production

by Nick Stucker

Since the shocking accusations of sexual harassment against Kevin Spacey, Netflix has since let the actor go from its titular series House of Cards and has also severed all ties to the actor. As such, production was halted on the series and entered a short hiatus spell.

It was announced today that Netflix will officially resume the production on the final season of the series, with Robin Wright set to take the lead of the series in its final run. However it is yet to be seen if Spacey’s character will be simply be written off or killed in a behind the scenes type way. And instead of the usual 13 episodes, the final season will only feature a total of 8.

Another bit of a shocker is that Netflix is not wanting to let go of the House of Cards cast just yet, or the momentum that it has created over the years and has optioned three different types of potential spin-off series. Nothing else has been announced as Netflix is trying to be tight lipped about it.

For now, House of Cards will continue development in 2018 and potentially will air on Netflix towards the middle-end of the year.


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