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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen DLC Review!

by Nick Stucker

For those that are familiar with the turn based series XCOM, we can safely assume that War of the Chosen was on your list to play when the DLC finally came out for XCOM 2. Hell, we were worried that the developers wouldn’t come out with any juicy DLC since it’s release was at the end of 2016. But our fears were alleviated when War of the Chosen finally was available for DLC.

War of the Chosen doesn’t change the narrative much in terms of the main story line of XCOM 2. The alien race ADVENT are running Earth and it’s up to you, The Commander, to lead the resistance force known as XCOM to thwart them and restore a presence on Earth and finally beat them once and for all.

War of the Chosen merely adds additional features and missions to the base game. The primary change was the addition of The Chosen, three elite ADVENT assassins tasked by the Elders to recapture you and overthrow XCOM. Throughout the game during your missions you will encounter them at randomly generated instances, so every playthrough is different, which the XCOM series is renown for. Besides the addition of The Chosen, there are various cosmetic additions for your soldiers and more realistic combat variables. For instance, in the base game when an outpost was being attacked you were tasked to save at least  6 civilians while you still had eliminate the attacking ADVENT forces. In War of the Chosen, Resistance forces actually attack the ADVENT forces and help you while you help save the outpost.

You also have three rebellious factions now joining you in your conquest of defeating the ADVENT. The Reapers, Templars and the Skirmishers continually help you throughout the game  from the Resistance Ring that can alter ADVENT activities, gain resources for you and even delay the Avatar Project (your main mission at stopping and defeating ADVENT).

Other than The Chosen and various cosmetic customization’s for your soldiers, it is the combat variables that have intrigued us the most as the game seems a little more fluid in terms of play-ability. No doubt the develops have been listening to player feedback and (for the most part) have given us what we have been wanting from XCOM 2. However we feel that the $39.99 price tag is a bit steep for just War of the Chosen being considered DLC; with all of the changes it could actually serve as a standalone title.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is available now.


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