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What’s Up With Matt Adams?

by Kaitlyn Schoeck

With Matt Carpenter being named the starting first baseman for the upcoming 2017 season for the Cardinals, is there a spot for Matt Adams?

With rumors swirling and news being released that the team is open to hearing some offers, one has to wonder where it is all going. Nicknamed “Big City,” Adams has not been putting on too much of a show in 2016.

Adams had a rough 2015 season when he suffered a torn right quad, resulting in a loss of 102 games. The open position was picked up mainly by Mark Reynolds.

Adams was not an “everyday player” this past season, only starting at first base for 69 games and batting in 118 games. His first base position was covered by Brandon Moss

His batting was subpar, with a batting average of .249. He did only slightly better than his 2015 season, which was a career-low .240.

His fielding was pretty good; his 2016 season boasted a fielding percentage of .990. He played first base in a total of 86 games, resulting in 7 errors.

While his most recent seasons were less than stellar, the Cardinals only paid him $1.65 million and he is expected to make $2.8 million in the 2017 season.

With all that being said, what do we do with Adams? He does not currently have a position on the team, except as a pinch hitter. The Cardinals are currently open to hearing some offers, so now we wait.

Adams has spent his entire career with the Cardinals, after being drafted by the team in 2009. He has made some catches at first, he has come into a tied game and helped put the Cardinals on top. He has had lots of career highlighting moments in St. Louis, but maybe it’s time for a change of scenery.

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