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Dynamo Pro LIVE! – 4/4/16 results

by Jeremy Karp

Back on April 4th, 2016, Dynamo Pro Wrestling held one of their monthly events at the Stratford Barr & Grill in Fenton, Missouri. The Stratford Bar & Grill is a frequent location for many of their wrestling shows, which occur multiple times per month.

Below are the results from their April 4th show.

Ring Announcers – Chris Roedel & Luke Roberts
Officials: Patrick Hook & Jay King

MATCH #1 – “The Don Mega” Shorty Biggs vs. “Young & Dangerous” Evan Morris
Morris was accompanied to the ring by “The Professionals” McDarby and Santel
Shorty was accompanied to the ring by Dynamo Pro Wrestling D-1 champion Outtkast
All outside parties had left ringside prior to the match despite coming to the ring.
Near the end of the matchup, referee Hook was knocked down. Morris brought a chair into the ring. Biggs got the chair away from Morris, saw the referee was recovering, threw the chair back to Morris, and pretended that he had been hit with the chair, in a move that was in tribute to the late Eddie Guerrero. Morris protested that he hadn’t hit Biggs with the chair, but Biggs by rolling up Morris for the pin at 9:59.



MATCH #2 – “The Valedictorian” Keon Option, Justin D’Air, & “The Millenial” Danny Adams vs. Brandon Espinosa, “The Filipino Warrior” Elvis Aliaga, & Da’Marius Jones.
Throughout the match, the action was very fast paced. D’Air delivered a senton off the top rope onto his opponents on the floor.  At the end of the match, the referee was checking on the wrestlers outside the ring. Espinosa delivered a low blow on D’Air. Espinosa then hit the brainbuster and got the win for his team at 15:26.
WINNER AT 15:26Brandon Espinosa, “The Filipino Warrior” Elvis Aliaga, & Da’Marius Jones

MATCH #3 – Rocket vs. “The Alternative” Ozzie Gallagher
Gallagher had a ringside confrontation with his former mentor Sadie Blaze, who was in attendance. Blaze has been particularly sensitive about Gallagher’s disrespect regarding Rocket’s mask. Gallagher stole Rocket’s mask a few months ago, but Rocket reclaimed it with help from his “Bite Club” partner Jackal.
Rocket was motivated, but Gallagher kept using underhanded tactics and was obsessed with trying to remove the mask. Gallagher got sidetracked by his war of words with his former mentor, allowing Rocket to surprise Gallagher with a crossface chicken wing out for the tap out at 6:28.
WINNER AT 6:28: Rocket

MATCH #4 – Jackal vs. C.J. Shine:
Shine danced his way through his ring entrance and got a good reaction from the fans, but it did not compare to the popularity of longtime DPW favorite Jackal. Shine, a recent graduate of the Dynamo Pro Dojo, had a competitive showing in this contest. Jackal picked up the victory with a frog splash in 5:55.
WINNER AT 5:55Jackal

MATCH #5 – Mike Outlaw vs. Brandon Aarons
These are two of the top wrestlers in the Midwest, and they showed it. Outlaw made some unique moves such as attempting a pinfall with a single knee on the chest. Easily, the match could’ve swayed either way. Aarons appeared to have the momentum in his favor, but Kevin Lee Davidson made his way to ringside and distracted Aarons as he ascended the turnbuckles. This gave Outlaw enough time to roll out of the way of the incoming double-stomp from the top rope. Outlaw delivered the Mafia Kick and won the match at 9:24.
WINNER AT 9:24: Outlaw
Post-Match: Both men shook hands in respect.

MATCH #6 – Dynamo Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship
Dynamo Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions High Level Enterprise (Jack Gamble & Jon Webb) vs. The Professionals (McDarby & Santel)
As a result of their victory and subsequent actions at last week’s event at the Douglas Club in Wood River, Illinois, McDarby and Santel received a shot at the Tag Team Champions. The champions looked like they were in great position,, but the referee Hook was knocked down. Santel brought the shillelagh into play and hit Webb with the weapon. Gamble got a hold of the weapon and hit Santel with it, but McDarby had a backup plan. He hit Gamble and a dazed Webb with brass knuckles for the championship win at 8:48.
WINNER AT 8:48The Professionals (McDarby & Santel)

MATCH #7 – Dynamo Pro Wrestling D-1 Championship: Dynamo Pro Wrestling D-1 Champion Outtkast vs. Kevin Lee Davidson
K.L.D. has been impressive, returning from a successful tour of the United Kingdom and Italy. Outtkast hit a corkscrew moonsault dive from the top rope onto Kevin Lee Davidson on the floor. He had trouble hitting his signature moves. but he did manage to deliver the “Lost Cause” for a two count. K.L.D. nearly won on several occasions, but missed his second attempt at a corner cannonball missed. Outtkast rolled him up for the pin at 9:24.
WINNER AT 9:24: Outtkast.
MATCH #8 – Dynamo Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship: DPW Heavyweight Champion “DirdEY” Jake Dirden vs. Missouri Wrestling Revival Missouri State Champion “The King Of Chaos” Ricky Cruz
Both men brawled outside the ring frequently. Later in the brawl, Cruz threw Dirden over the merchandise table. Espinosa later decided to get a closer look at the action and both title belts at ringside. The fight spilled out of the ring again, leading to Cruz decking Espy when Dirden moved out of the way. The fight continued and both wrestlers traded signature moves. Cruz covered Dirden for a pinfall attempt, but Espinosa pulled the ref out of the ring, leading to a disqualification win for Cruz at 13:36.
WINNER AT 13:36Ricky Cruz
Post-Match: Dirden said Cruz wouldn’t get another shot at the title ever. Espinosa added injury to insult by attacking Cruz from behind with a chair. Once he had a chance to recover, Cruz said if Dirden wouldn’t give him a title shot, he may just have to make sure Dirden doesn’t hold the title for much longer.

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