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Wrestlemania 32 Preview: Part Four

by Jeremy Karp

There will be four matches that will take place on the Wrestlemania 32 pre-show card. Out of those four of them, only one is a singles match, and it also happens to be a title match. The match is between Kalisto and Ryback for the WWE United States Championship.

Much like the ten-divas tag team match that will be on the pre-show as well, there hasn’t been much build-up/hype to this match, and it seems more or less of a generic “little guy vs. big guy” battle.

Since 2014, Kalisto has been a part of The Lucha Dragons with his partner Sin Cara, bringing a lucha-libre style of wrestling to newer, young audiences (although they aren’t the first ones to have that style of wrestling in World Wrestling Entertainment). Eventually as time wore on, Kalisto began standing out more than Sin Cara in the tag team matches they were featured in.

During the 2016 Royal Rumble, Kalisto faced off against Alberto Del Rio for the United States Championship, and in a stunning match-up from beginning to end, Kalisto ended up being victorious, winning the title.

As for Ryback, his motives and personality have changed dramatically over the past few weeks as well. After having to be featured in tag team match after tag team match, Ryback left Big Show and Kane during a match on RAW, and later stated backstage that he was tired of being in the same spot, and began to unveil a more dominate beast, one that looks almost exactly like Bill Goldberg (though, that’s been an issue brought up by many since Ryback’s debut).

Both Ryback and Kalisto confronted each other eventually, with the former stating how he doesn’t see how people believe the “little guys” could possibly beat the “big guys” in professional wrestling. After more buildup, Kalisto finally accepted a challenge between the two at Wrestlemania.

But, much like the three articles previewed before, this match will take place on the pre-show, the only singles match. And the only title match as well. Kalisto is a talented young star who has really shined in the past few months, and look for him to have some exciting moves and spots in the match come this Sunday.

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