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Thank You, Stan Kroenke

by Jeremy Bowen

Dear Stan Kroenke,


Thank you. Thank you is all I have to say. Thank you for taking the second NFL team away from St. Louis in 30 years. Thank you practically guaranteeing that there will never be another NFL team in St. Louis again. Thank you for taking away the team I’ve rooted for since I was born. Thank you for making all of the shirts, hats, tickets, and other aspects of items of the “St. Louis Rams” brand that I and so many other true fans have bought over the years basically go to waste that now will mean nothing but faint memories. Thank you for being nothing but a selfish, greedy asshole. Thank you for also not speaking to any fans or the St. Louis public in nearly four years. Thank you for never being at the games. Thank you for never caring about this team or this city. Thank you for claiming to claim that St. Louis was a “great football market.” Thank you for telling us in 2010 that you personally “would do everything possible to keep the Rams in St. Louis.” Thank you for lying to us. Thank you for expecting the fans of the St. Louis Rams to fill the dome when the team hasn’t made the playoffs since 2004. Thank you for thinking there should be high attendance for a team who put up a 15-65 record over a four-year span (2007-2011), the worst four-year stretch by a team in the ENTIRE history of the league. Thank you for betraying the fans that still went to games when the team was horrible. Thank you for the fact that too much money was never enough for you and you had to seek more. Thank you for being such a money hungry bastard. Thank you for setting the example of the worst kind of owner a team in any sport could have. Thank you for making you for making me hate you and the money-ran NFL. Please never step foot in the city of St. Louis again or even the state of Missouri for that matter. You are no longer welcomed here.

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Missy Reese January 13, 2016 - 07:37


Mick Lite January 13, 2016 - 08:48

Bidwell just like Kroenke.

Victor Scamorza January 27, 2016 - 20:25

I live in Denver, he owns three teams here…. fucking criminal empire… richest family in the country and they do this for money??? you must be joking me. I thought Stan was from Missouri? Does he not care about his community? Lying piece of shit. He will get you people in STL to pay for a soccer stadium, and then move our soccer team to STL, all on the taxpayers dime. Don’t let that happen, please don’t let that happen. Vote against Kroenke Sports. Run these jackals out of town. They have ruined three proud franchises in Colorado. THREE!!! The Avalanche were 2 time Stanley Cup champs, now they suck, Rapids won the MLS cup in 2010, now they are the laughing stock of the MLS, Nuggets? shit team. Stan Kroenke turns everything he touches into a giant turd. Please run him out of STL. I wish we could run him out of Denver. He is the devil incarnate.

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