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Rams Return To Los Angeles

by Press Release

Following a vote from National Football League owners, the Rams officially have been approved to return to the greater Los Angeles area and will do so for the 2016 NFL season. The organization called Los Angeles home from 1946-1994.

“This has been the most difficult process of my professional career,” said Rams owner E. Stanley Kroenke. “While we are excited about the prospect of building a new stadium in Inglewood, California, this is bitter sweet. St. Louis is a city known for its incredibly hard-working, passionate and proud people. Being part of the group that brought the NFL back to St. Louis in 1995 is one of the proudest moments of my professional career. Reaching two Super Bowls and winning one are things all St. Louisans should always treasure.

“While there understandably has been emotionally charged commentary regarding our motives and intentions, the speculation is not true and unfounded. I am a Missouri native named after two St. Louis sports legends who I was fortunate enough to know on a personal level. This move isn’t about whether I love St. Louis or Missouri. I do and always will. No matter what anyone says, that will never change. This decision is about what is in the best long-term interests of the Rams organization and the National Football League. We have negotiated in good faith with the Regional Sports Authority for more than a decade trying to find a viable and sustainable solution. When it became apparent that we might not be able to reach an agreement, it was then and only then that we looked at alternatives.

“We would like to thank the National Football League, its owners, and the Committee on Los Angeles Opportunities for their diligence and dedication. We look forward to returning to Los Angeles and building a world-class NFL entertainment district in Inglewood.”

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Derp January 12, 2016 - 20:35

Negotiated in good faith.

I’m going to have to call BS.

Mike Marler January 12, 2016 - 20:37

So do we get our PSL money back??? I am guessing the Billionaire who has shown very little support the team and city needs it more than the Fans who supported both for years

Carlos Ranger January 12, 2016 - 20:58

Absolute BS. At least have the courtesy to admit the truth on your way out the door, you miserable lying rat! This was about money and the fix was in long ago. Once you had a shot at getting into the nation’s second largest media market, all other considerations were irrelevant. But even in victory you cannot be honorable and just tell the St Louis fan base that they never had a chance. But of course that means that you and the NFL would have t admit that all the hoops that STL was made to jump through was mere kabuki theater. Go to hell, Sir! And take your God-forsaken team with you!

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