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Jeff Fisher, RB Todd Gurley, WR Wes Welker – Post Practice – 11/10/15

by Mick Lite

Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher – Post Practice – 11/10/15

(On WR Wes Welker looked today)
“He did well. I mean, like I said yesterday, he’s in great shape and he’s moving around good. Man, he’s been here for 24 hours now. He’s been in the building all day today and learning as much offense as he can. So, we talked yesterday about gosh if we can get a package together and get you to a point where we can get you on the field, we will. If not, we’ll wait a week. So, we’ll just kind of wait and see.”

(On Welker hopefully being a big help on the third down conversion issues)
“You know what I’ll anticipate if he does play and he converts the first down, they’ll probably start chanting ‘Welker’ rather than ‘Gurley.’ But that’s okay. Yes, he is. That’s what he’s done. He moves chains. He just moves the chains. It’s just a matter of he and (QB) Nick (Foles) getting on the same page here in a short period of time. We’ll just see what happens.”

(On having a package readily available for Welker makes it quicker for him to play)
“Yeah, you don’t come in say, ‘Hey, unless you learn the whole offense, you’re not going to play, yeah.’ Because we package. We package things for most everybody. So, we’ll have a package for him and we’ll just see how comfortable he is. But, I mean, he got some good work out here today.”

(On if the Rams offense is different than what Welker is used to running)
“No, the concepts are all the same. They’re just called differently. It’s kind of one of those processes he goes through where he relates this concept to what it was called in Denver, what it was called in New England or what it was called in Miami or Texas Tech.”

(On if he had any trepidation on bringing Welker onto the team considering his medical history)
“No, I mean, he expressed an interest. So, this was his decision. He missed football. He loves football. He’s fine. He hasn’t had any issues and he just wants to play and help us win.”

(On if Welker’s agent reached out to the Rams on Welker’s behalf)
“I’m not going to go into how it all started, but as I mentioned yesterday, when it became apparent that we were not going to have (WR) Sted (Bailey) available, then we need to go out and find the best guy that was available. He happens to be the right fit for us right now, in particular as you bring up, our difficulty in third down and what he’s done over the years.”

(On how much he thinks Welker will be able to help the younger receivers due to his experience)
“I think he’s really going to help them. What Wes is so good at is…what he’s been so good at over the years, is he’ll line up and recognize coverages and he knows where to go to get open. So, you just have to get on the same page with the quarterback. I mean, years ago, I brought Randy Moss in for six or eight games and the impact that Randy had on our young receivers was off the charts. It’s just that experience. You just can’t buy that stuff. So, I think in the long run he will. He’ll have a good impact on them.”

(On if he can remember a ‘Wes Welker nightmare’ when he was coaching against him on Sundays)
“Every time we played New England, yeah. It was hard.”

(On what Welker brings to the team)
“He’s going to get open. He’s going to make the catch. He’s going to get the first down. He’s going to get down, get up and we’ll keep the chains moving. That’s kind of what we’re looking for. I think he’ll help (WR) Tavon (Austin) a little bit. Now you’ve got…if he’s able to play, which we’re hopeful that he is, now you have 11 running around there. We all know if he (Austin) gets the ball in his hands, he can go the distance. Now, you have another guy that you’ve got to contend with that’s going to get you the first down.”

(On if he knows if the concrete will be covered at the Edward Jones Dome this weekend)
“I don’t know. I have not followed up on that, but I will try to get some information for you. I would expect it to be covered with some type of surface.”

(On if he found out if WR Stedman Bailey will be allowed to be in the building during his suspension)
“Yeah. He’ll be permitted, but you guys won’t see him.”

(On if he thinks it’s important for players to have an outlet to keep going to work during his suspension)
“I think part of the process…I do think it’s important that they be permitted to be here. It’s just that function of maintaining relationships with your teammates and not that’s it therapeutic. But, I think it’s important rather than just run somebody out of the building for a month and then wait for them to come back.”

(On if he was made aware of DB Janoris Jenkins tweet after the game)
“No, I didn’t see it. I don’t tweet. Don’t have Twitter. Don’t have anybody doing it for me and no one reporting to me. So, I didn’t.”

(On the statement Jenkins made with his tweet)
“I didn’t see it. I’m not aware of it, but I can assure you that Janoris is a team player. He cares about this football team. He comes to work every day to get better and to help us win.”

(On how much the organization checked into Welker’s past medical history before signing him)
“We exhausted the research. We talked to everybody. We had a complete physical. So, we were actually pleased with the way it went down. So, we did our research.”

(On if Welker’s concussion history is a reason other teams have passed on him)
“I don’t know. I have not heard that, but what I can tell you is I was pleased with all the reports that we got back from our medical staff.”

(On if he tried anything new on defense at practice today regarding the defensive offsides issue)
“Tried to pull them offsides and they didn’t. So, that was good.”

(On if the defensive line stayed until the snap today)
“Yeah, they moved, as soon as that little brown thing moved, they moved, which is good.”

(On what challenges the Bears present)
“All their phases. (Bears QB) Jay’s (Cutler) playing really well. They’re doing a good job with Jay and his fundamentals and his technique and he’s playing well. They’re not giving up a lot of sacks. Their defense is playing hard. They’re well-coached. Any team that (Bears Head Coach) John (Fox) has been associated with plays good defense. That’s how Coach Fox is. Special teams, they’ve got good players. There was a long road trip for them and a late night last night, but for them to win this game, I think it will give them a huge lift during the week. So, it’s not going to be easy for us.”

Rams RB Todd Gurley – Post Practice – 11/10/15

(On if he used to watch WR Wes Welker as a kid)
“Yeah I watched him. It was just funny because me and (RB) Benny (Cunningham) were talking about him last week and then next thing you know, (RB) Chase (Reynolds) sent a text and was like, ‘Hey Benny, Wes Welker’s in here.’ I thought he was lying, but he was actually in here.”

(On what they were talking about Welker)
“We were just talking about, we were like, ‘Man, where’s Wes Welker at?’ And next thing you know, he’s here now.”

(On if this is the first time he’s teammates with a player that he saw growing up)
“I didn’t even realize he’d been in the league that long. That was crazy. He had some success around the league. We’re just happy to add him.”

(On Welker helping on third down)
“Like I said, happy to have him. If he can help, then let’s go.”

(On Head Coach Jeff Fisher saying they might starting chanting Welker’s name instead of Gurley if he converts a couple of third downs and if that would hurt his feelings)
“No, I’ll be chanting right there with them.”

(On if he got a chance to meet Vikings RB Adrian Peterson after the game)
“Yeah, just after the game for a second.”

(On if he exchanged jerseys with Peterson)

(On if Peterson was complementary)
“Oh yeah. Just telling me nice meeting him, good job and keep it up and that he’ll be in touch.”

(On if the Vikings were really loading up the box)
“They had their safeties down in the box or coming down. Like I said, it was just overall great defense.”

(On if he thinks about 1,000 rushing yards and if he has any numbers he wants this season)
“No. I want those wins though, but that’s about it.”

(On helping Georgia RB Nick Chubb with his knee injury)
“Like I said, we don’t have so many guys on Georgia tear their ACL. Like I approach the situation, you’re not going to be the first person to tear your ACL or get injured and you’re not going to be the last. We’ve got a lot of guys that can help him that have been through the same situation as him. He’ll be fine.”

(On if he talks to Chubb a lot)
“I mean, I hit him up like once a week.”

(On what he sees from the Chicago defense)
“Just great overall players. Everybody plays hard and those guys are tough. Physical SAM and WIL linebackers. Great, great safeties and great linebackers.”

(On if he watches Monday Night Football like game film if next week’s opponent is playing)
“I watched the first half and I was so tired, I went to sleep.”

(On if he knew who won or if he had to wait until the morning)
“Yeah, I had to wait until the morning.”

Rams WR Wes Welker – Post Practice – 11/10/15

(On what made him want to come back)
“I just love playing. I love playing ball. I feel like I can still play at a really high level. I kind of went into this offseason not knowing what I was going to do and started training and really saw that I still had it. That made me just really want to play, knowing that I could be out there and go out there and contribute and help out. That’s what I hope to go out there and do.”

(On if he’s worried at all when he walks on the field with his concussion history)
“No, not at all. Not at all. I’ve been cleared by the doctors and everything else and obviously I’m not going to try and look for contact and everything like that, but I’m not thinking about it either. I’m out there playing hard and playing the way I need to play to be successful out there. You start second guessing yourself out there and that’s when you get in trouble. I’m just going to go out there and play hard and play the way I play. But, I’m not worried about that at all.”

(On it being an ideal situation with his success on third downs and the Rams’ struggles on third down)
“Yeah, but I don’t see myself as being the solution to all of that or anything like that. I’m just here trying to learn the offense and trying to contribute any way I can and help out any way I can.”

(On if the concussions are the reason he didn’t get a job until now)
“I have no idea about that. You’d have to ask GMs and coaches about that one because I have no clue.”

(On if he felt he was close at any point to getting signed somewhere)
“I think there were some opportunities along the way where I could’ve and I had twins three months ago, so really I wasn’t ready then. And really towards the start of the season and just watching them grow and helping out with the wife with them and everything. Just really wanted to be at the house at that time. Now they’re kind of getting a little older and we’ve got a good routine for them and everything. I felt I was ready for me to get back out there.”

(On coming back from a concussion last season and playing 14 games)
“Absolutely, I already played a full season without a concussion. I’m really not worried about it. I know I’m a poster child right now and everything else. I’m good and ready to play some ball.”

(On his early exposure to terminology in the offense)
“Obviously, terminology is a little bit different, but there’s a lot of similarities to some things that I’ve done in the past and really just trying to get on the same page of how the coaches want me to do it here and everything like that. They’ve done a great job of really kind of catching me up and really getting me on the right page with (QB) Nick (Foles). Nick’s been a big help as well as far as getting on the same page with him and getting to know the offense.”

(On if he’s spent extra time trying to learn the offense)
“Oh, absolutely. You come in half way into the season, you have to spend the extra time and prepare the way you need to prepare to be ready to go.”

(On if he will play this week)
“I have no idea about that. I still have a long ways to go and a lot of work to do and a lot of studying to do. We’ll see what (Head) Coach (Jeff) Fisher thinks at the end of the week.”

(On having a package for him might make it easier to adjust)
“We’ll have to see. It was only my first day of practice, so we’ll see how tomorrow goes and how I’m catching on and everything like that. At this point, it’s all up in the air.”

(On if when he was watching football at the beginning of the season he was seeing where he could fit in and what made him choose St. Louis)
“Obviously, they have a great team. They have a great running back, great defense. I think Nick is one of the more underrated quarterbacks in the league, for sure. I was excited about the opportunity to get with the Rams and have this opportunity that I’ve had.”

(On how he feels his tryout went)
“I wouldn’t say one of my best, but it was good enough I guess.”

(On what any football player might experience later in life based on injuries)
“I think I’ve covered the concussion deal about as far as I need to at this point. I feel great. I’m not worried about down the line or anything. I’m just focused on taking it day-by-day and getting ready for this weekend.”

(On what condition he was in prior to the workout)
“I’ve been training down in Florida. Being down there in the heat and everything like that. But, a lot of speed work, obviously, is the main thing. Everything I do has to do with speed. Even with lighter weights and sleds and all of those different things. Just trying to keep that speed up.”

(On leaving his wife and kids to come up and be a bachelor playing football)
“I wouldn’t say I’m a bachelor. My wife will love reading that. It’s tough. Obviously, you get pictures from the wife and face time with her a lot and everything like that. Trying to stay connected as much as possible. It’s a couple of months and she knows my aspirations to play. She knows I love playing ball and she’s very supportive of me.”

(On what he can bring to the team)
“We’ll have to wait and see. In the past, I’ve just been trying to be a tough, smart football player out there on the field. I’ll see if I can still keep on doing that. It’s early to see, so we’ll just see how it plays out.”

(On what he can bring to the team with his experience)
“I don’t know. It’s funny you say that, because someone said it was by like five years or something like that. That’s the first time that’s happened. I’m used to having (QB) Peyton (Manning) or somebody else in the locker room that makes me feel young. I feel young at heart and that’s the way I like to play and practice and the attitude I bring to the game. I’ve probably wisened up a little bit over the years, but at the same time I know how to have fun and enjoy myself out there on the field.”

(On any good stories from facing a Jeff Fisher coached team over the years)
“I didn’t play him many times. I did lose to him last year when I was with Denver. I had the snow game back in 2009. That was a good game for my side. That’s about the extent of it.”

(On what he remembers from the game against St. Louis last year)
“I remember the defense getting after us really good. The offense made a lot of plays out there and they took it to us pretty good.”

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