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Todd Gurley is the Real Deal

by Nick Yahl

(Photo Credit: Dilip Vishwanat – Getty Images) 

Todd Gurley is the real deal. I was skeptical of the pick initially when it was announced. As a matter of fact I was furious.

Why do the Rams need another running back when they have both Zac Stacy and Tre Mason I asked? It seemed idiotic to take a banged up running back, with a knee problem nonetheless over a much-needed offensive lineman.

The best available lineman in the draft was off the board, but there were certainly a number of capable NFL ready players available for the take.

Then the more I thought about it leading up to the season, the more okay I became with Gurley as the primary back. Obviously it wasn’t doing my dynasty team any favors having Mason as my starter, but I have Jeremy Hill to rely on.

Now we’ve seen what Gurley can do and the high-risk high-reward of taking him where they did, is certainly paying off for the Rams.

The former Georgia running back is tearing up the NFL averaging 141.5 yards per carry in the last four games. He has 442 yards and a pair of touchdowns on the season, scoring in his last two games.

After today’s win over San Francisco Gurley is now the most productive runner in NFL history through his first four starts since the AFL and NFL merged in 1966.

He adds a dimension to the Rams offense that teams simply cannot match. While the defense continues to dominate as one of the best in the league and the passing games struggles, Gurley is giving St. Louis a chance to win each week.

Like Mason I’m much happier to see Gurley running all over NFL defenses in a Rams jersey than watching either of the two dominate the Missouri Tigers in the SEC.

If he can keep up this workload and stay healthy Gurley has the opportunity to become something special. Imagine what he can do in a couple of years with better blocking and pass protection…NFL look out.

He’s being compared to Adrian Peterson and while that might be a stretch right now, it’s certainly a possibility. He has both the strength and the speed to dominate the St. Louis run game for years to come.

That is of course if the Rams stay. While we wait to see whether the Rams stay or go there’s one thing that’s for sure, Todd Gurley is the real deal and he’s here to stay in the NFL.



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1 comment

Tim November 1, 2015 - 20:41

I remember listening to the draft in the car, my wife and I coming from somewhere, I can’t really remember. I’m a Clemson fan and remembered Gurley running all over us any way possible. We heard the pick and began cheering and screaming, ecstatic and then we’re dismayed at all the “expert” opinions dissing it.

How’s that working out, geniuses?

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