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Joe Buck lashes out at Stan Kroenke

by Jeremy Karp

It’s not even remotely a secret that St. Louis Rams fans are frustrated at owner Stan Kroenke in relation to their potential relocation to Los Angeles. Protests, social media campaigns, and signs at sporting events from the loyal Rams fans in the Gateway City have all been a focal point in the movement to keep them in St. Louis.

But on Tuesday, a familiar face (and voice) in St. Louis made it clear not only did he support the Rams staying, but that he also has strong opinions regarding Kroenke. And that person is Joe Buck.

Buck began his Twitter tirade by first mentioning what he thinks will happen in the NFL leaves St. Louis:

Joe Buck on Twitter

My opinion: take the NFL out of Stl and our downtown has no impetus for change. Indy and Cincy have passed us by. It’s bigger than football

He continued…

Joe Buck on Twitter

Downtown Stl can’t b just random restaurants, Cardinal baseball, a truncated version of Ballpark Village,and some Blues games-life is needed

But it was what he said afterward that really caught the attention of thousands of people online. Buck proceeded to rip the Rams owner, who bought a majority stake in the team back in 2010. Interestingly enough, Kroenke played a role in bringing the Rams to St. Louis back in 1995.

Joe Buck on Twitter

Kroenke not only has the chance to cash in on LA,but punch a great city that at one point he seemed to enjoy. Esp when Rams were relevant

Joe Buck on Twitter

Suck the life out of a team, run it down, raise prices, then say it isn’t supported and leave. Great example for the NFL to celebrate JOKE!

Buck capped off the rant by alluding to the joint practices held by the Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Rams over the past couple weeks, while there were pictures of Kroenke and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Joe Buck on Twitter

An owner who wore a NEW Rams hat in Oxnard and acts like he’s been there promoting the team while with Jerry-what an insult to good fans

Buck, son of the late broadcaster Jack Buck, has made it clear that what Kroenke is doing (or at the very least, attempting to do) is wrong. Of course, whether lashing out at him will knock some sort of sense into the Rams owner remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Buck has loyalty towards St. Louis, and supports the fans in keeping the Rams right here.




(Photo Credit: yahoo.com)

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