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Rams’ Hayes, Long Go Undercover In Homeless Community For ESPN Feature

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Two members of the St. Louis Rams will be featured on the Sunday, May 31 editions of ESPN SportsCenter as they immerse themselves in the homeless community of their city.

In an effort to get a closer look at the hardships homeless people in America endure every day, Rams defensive ends William Hayes and Chris Long took to the streets for 24 hours with no place to sleep or eat, no connection to the outside world and only $4 each. ESPN’s SC Featured followed their story.

Hayes and Long wore second-hand clothing and makeup was used to help conceal their identities. They were outfitted with small cameras and microphones, and an ESPN crew observed them.

“Life on the Streets” will debut in the 9 a.m. CT edition of SportsCenter and will re-air in other editions of the program throughout the day. An accompanying feature on ESPN.com will be posted Sunday afternoon.

The Rams Broadcasting Network also documented the pair’s experience in a feature titled, “Home,” which will air on the team’s website at 1 p.m. CT.

“It was the worst night I’ve ever had in my life for sure …. My body hurts so bad right now.” –William Hayes.

“It’s amazing though when that cop went to talk to me, just how unsettled that felt, compared to like if a cop normally talks to me walking down the street.” –Chris Long.

“They were always willing to listen and learn in order to, not only tell the story of the adventure, but to advocate for very vulnerable and needy people,” –Judson Bliss, Chief Program Officer of the St. Patrick’s Center.

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