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Elimination Chamber Preview & Predictions

by Scott Batchelor

This is an odd event to be writing about. At the beginning of the month, this was not even announced. Just about two weeks before Payback was it thrust upon us that the Elimination Chamber PPV was coming back at the end of the month. Now from what I understand, it is going to take place in Corpus Christi TX, and this was originally going to be a house show (untelevised). Somewhere along the way it was decided to make it a network exclusive event. Which I can’t help but think how the people who bought tickets to a regular house show must feel now knowing they are going to see one of the most creative matches live. What luck they must have. But I digress. At first I thought maybe this would be like the King of the Ring tournament. Just an hour long show with two chamber matches. Then other matches began to get added and I then realized this was going to be a fully fledged card three hours long with opening matches, main events and everything in-between. This was no just one hour special, this was a PPV minus the ability to actually watch it on PPV. This is really just a testing ground to see how a “PPV” does if the only way to view is on the WWE Network. With that being said, let’s take a look at the card for Elimination Chamber!

WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match
New Day Vs Tyson Kidd & Cesaro Vs Prime Time Players Vs
Los Matadores Vs Lucha Dragons Vs The Ascension

This match intrigues me the most simply because of how many men will be in the chamber match at once. Never before has more than six men been able to compete in this match due to the layout of the chamber itself. Adding to the fact that there will be two guys in each chamber to be released at the same time adds so many different dynamics to this match. Predicting the order of when the teams come out is next to impossible so instead I will predict the boot order.

I see one of the masked teams being bounced first. Possibly by the Ascension who needs to show their strength, or if all of New Day could get the elimination if all three members are allowed to compete, the numbers game catching up with them. Because they are not as fresh of a team as Lucha Dragons, I see Los Matadores getting eliminated first.

Next going I see the Prime Time Players. As much as I enjoy these guys on the mic and in the ring, they were inserted into the tag team title game just to add a sixth team. They will hit the right moves, Titus will bark at the crowd, the crowd will chant with them, and then they will get pinned.

Next I see the Ascension going. I think Lucha Dragons are able to get the pin hear. And now that I think about it, seeing Sin Cara in an elimination chamber match is one of the hardest things for me to wrap my head around. But hey, if Santino can do it….

The final two teams will be Kidd & Cesaro and New Day. I think to make them look strong as a stable, New Day gets a big win over Kidd & Cesaro to retain the tag team championship.

Final notes on this match: I could be completely wrong and would not be surprised if New Day gets knocked out first creating a guarantee of new tag team champions. I also expect to see an appearance from Harper and Rowen.

Neville Vs Bo Dallas

I honestly am kind of surprised this two are feuding. They had some of the most intense back and forth matches while they were both in NXT and I did not think the main roster would continue the rivalry. It only seemed natural for Dallas to want to take out Neville. My only issue with this match is how rushed it is. I would not mind seeing this feud played out for a couple months cumulating at SummerSlam. That being said, I think they are really trying to get Neville over with the crowd and it is working. The guy just understand ring psychology enough to have
the marks respect him, and do enough high flying assaults to have the kids in awe. I see Neville getting a big win over his former foe. I also predict because of the chemistry these two have, this will steal the show.

John Cena Vs Kevin Owens

Fun fact: Kevin Owens used to be called Kevin Steen in his indie days. When he debuted in NXT he adopted the last name of Owens in honor of his son, Owen. Share that at parties.

I am most excited about this match because Kevin Owens scares me. Not like Brock does, but more of a sociopath type of way. It has been said that he doesn’t have the Brock look to be scary but I think his calculated assaults and soft spoken promos have really made him a feature player and someone who should be called up to the main roster soon, but I understand if he needs to work in NXT.
From a marketing standpoint, this match makes a lot of sense. Owens is an NXT darling. If you have the WWE Network, you are most likely watching NXT, and if you are watching NXT. You are as enthralled with Owens as I am. Everything he does just holds your attention. His back and forth promos with Cena when he debuted on Raw a couple of weeks ago was some of the best promo work I have ever seen. Pointing out he is no rookie, he just didn’t get his break until now and how Cena should not put himself above Owens. Just magical.
As far as the match goes, the beginning will start of a bit slow. That is how Cena starts his big matches, sizing up his opponent and Owens will toss him around a bit to show off his strength. If this was for the US Title, I say Cena wins, easily. But it is a non-title match. Which creates the illusion that maybe Owens can pull out a victory. But I am going with option C on this one. Nobody wins. Neither guy really needs a win and while Cena won’t be hurt by a loss, Owens would be; even if is against the biggest, toughest guy in the company. This is just the beginning of this feud, and maybe we will get the payoff at SummerSlam, but for now, nobody wins.

Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber Match
R-Truth Vs Sheamus Vs King Barrett VS
Ryback Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs Rusev

The IC title is now vacant so there is no defending champion in this match, which means anything could happen. Well, anything but R-Truth winning that is. Like the first Elimination Chamber Match, I am going to predict the boot order of this one.

I see Barrett and Truth starting this one off with Barrett eliminating Truth before anyone else even gets out. I mostly think this because I just do not see a scenario in which R-Truth wins an elimination chamber match to become the Intercontinental Champion.

Next I see Barrett taken out by Ziggler.

They are building a Rusev Vs Ziggler feud for Lana so I imagine Rusev gets help from Sheamus taking out Dolph.

Now here is where I am unsure. I think the most likely winner is going to be Sheamus, Ryback or Rusev all for different reasons. If Rusev didn’t lose Lana, I would say he wins easily. But he has a feud set up for him that does not rely on the IC title so I do not think he needs the win. So I assume Ryback will take out Rusev, maybe because he is distracted with Lana attending to Ziggler.

That leave Sheamus and Ryback. I think Ryback will have a strong showing but it is hard for me to see him holding a title right now. Sheamus is the monster heel that needs a title so we can hate him more. I would really like to see Ryback finally get a big win under his belt But I just have a feeling Sheamus gets the win here.

Triple Threat Divas Championship
Nikki Bella Vs Paige Vs Naomi

Nikki Has been champion for about seven months now, which is a lengthy title run for anyone, let alone a diva. Naomi had a random heel turn that was mostly unneeded and I guess in the process turned the Bella twins face. Honestly, I just can’t find the effort to care about this match. I’m sorry. Any of the NXT women need to be on the main roster because they are just far more entertaining and overall better wrestlers. Naomi gets the win because of Tamina Snuka and a screwy finish.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Seth Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose

The second match on the card I am most excited about. A few weeks ago these two had a singles match on Raw that was one of the best Raw matches since Cesaro and Cena in early 2014. These two can be the modern day Rock and Austin or Cena and Orton. Two guys who have the chemistry together to put on amazing matches as long as they are given the time. I fear though that the chamber matches go long and this match gets cut short. This is a main event that could headline just about any PPV and draw people in. When it comes to the match, Rollins will pick up the victory. I want Ambrose to be a world champion as much as the next guy but there was seemingly no real build for it. I don’t see it just happening after a two week build up. There will be a screwy finish. Roman Reigns is not on the card yet so I can’t help but wonder what his involvement in the main event will be. Either he turns on Ambrose and costs him the championship or he accidently hits Ambrose aiming for Rollins so Rollins can get the pin. Either way, now is not the time for Ambrose to win the big one. I hope he will down the line, but not on this night.

Closing thoughts: For an event schedule and advertised just a few weeks prior to it airing, I think this is about as solid of a card as you could ask for. Both Chamber matches should be fun, even though I think the tag team chamber is a bit predictable, I haven’t the slightest clue who could walk away the IC champ. Kevin Owens is facing John Cena, Bo Dallas is taking on Neville, and the first ever NXT champion is defending the WWE World Heavyweight championship. This really feels like an NXT take over, and you would be a fool not to be excited about that.

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