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Sixth Round Draft Pick WR Bud Sasser Conference Call

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(On how it feels to stay in Missouri)
“Oh my gosh, if this isn’t the greatest feeling I’ve ever felt in my life, I don’t know what would be.”

(On if he had a sense that the Rams were interested) 
“I had no idea. I’m glad I can stay in Missouri. That was awesome. I know a lot of Mizzou fans from there and that’s just so cool to be a part of that organization now. I’m so ready to get to work with (Rams wide receivers coach) Coach (Ray) Sherman and the whole group of guys. I’m just too excited right now.”

(On if Rams C Tim Barnes overlapped with him at Mizzou)
“Yeah, he was at Mizzou when I was a freshman. He was one of the captains on the team I believe. He was a great guy. It’s great to reunite with those guys again.”

(On if he will be able to repeat the ‘sixth round magic’ CB E.J. Gaines had with the Rams last year)
“I’m not making any promises. I’m looking to go in there and just work my tail off. That’s what I’m looking forward to.”

(On his pro day 40-yard dash time)
“I think it was an official 4.52.”

(On if 4.52 was a representative time for him)
“I thought I could have done a little bit better than what I did, but I wasn’t mad about it.”

(On if he was disappointed about not getting a combine invitation)
“Of course, that’s a great achievement to have that invite to the combine. Just not getting it, I was a little disappointed really just in myself, not in anyone else. I just felt like I should have given more, but hey, things happen for a reason and that just pushed me harder to work throughout my training period up until my pro day.”

(On if he had workouts or visits with other teams to help get noticed)
“Yes, I had a few visits. I worked out with the Texans and I had a visit with the Texans after that. I went up to Green Bay, Oakland, went over to Kansas City. So, I moved around a little bit, but just kind of under the radar.”

(On how he describes himself as a receiver)
“I’m physical. I like to highpoint the ball. I like to go get it. I feel like I run a pretty good route – and of course they can always get better. I block well. I feel like everything that I have right now of course can be worked on and I’m looking forward to working on those and becoming a better all-around player.”

(On if he talked to anyone from the Rams at his pro day)
“To be honest, I don’t remember the exact names that I talked to at the pro day or who I talked to. I know I just talked to a few people. It was a pretty productive pro day from a bunch of our guys and I got the opportunity to talk to a few coaches and scouts afterwards.”

(On if he remembers any Rams front office members that he spoke with)
“No, I was in such a zone that I couldn’t even picture anybody’s face or anything. I was just so ready to get through everything and just try my best at everything I could do.”

(On if he thought he would be drafted by the Texans because of the private visit)
“Yes, I thought something was going well. I didn’t know what to expect really. I guess during this process you don’t know what to expect. That’s kind of how everything went.”

(On his senior season at Missouri)
“I thought I had a decent year. I thought I could’ve made it a little bit better than what it was. From our offense going from one of the top offenses in the SEC the year before to one of the lower offenses in the SEC, that bothered me a little bit and I put a lot of that blame for myself because I felt like I could just do a lot more for my team and just help everybody it. That’s what I really strive to do every week when we went out there and stepped out on that field.”

(On what area upon which he’s tried to improve most throughout the draft process)
“Just really the top ends of my routes, just making them more crisp and more defined. Also, just blocking for longer periods of time.”

(On where he trained during his draft preparation)
“I was in Phoenix, Arizona at the EXOS facility.”

(On if he played on special teams at Missouri)
“A small amount, but I already kind of knew I was going to have to end up doing that, which I don’t mind doing that. Also, adding more weapons to me, I just want to be able more and more on the field. The more I can do, the better I feel.”

(On what he did on special teams at Missouri)
“Just returns. Kickoff return.”

(On where he watched the draft)
“I’m back in my home town with my family. I had to step out because they’re too excited and they can’t keep quiet for two seconds.”

(On where his home town is)
“Denton, Texas.”

(On what he did this weekend)
“I’ve been shooting pool and bowling for the past two days. Today we all sat around and just watched.”

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