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Fourth Round Draft Pick OL Andrew Donnal Conference Call

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(On getting the phone call)
“It’s a phone call I’ve been waiting for forever. It’s a great feeling hearing that phone ring, knowing that a team’s calling your name and I couldn’t be happier right now. It’s a great organization and great staff and I’m beyond excited to know what the future holds for me.”

(On if he had a sense that the Rams needed a lineman going into the draft)
“I had a meeting with coach Fisher and his staff at the combine and things went really well there and had a good talk. We’ve had a good relationship ship since then and I’m just super happy to get the call from St. Louis.”

(On if he had a suite visit with the Rams at the combine)
“Yes, I did.”

(On if the Rams showed interest at his pro day)
“They were there at the pro day. They watched it, but nothing overly – nothing really popped out seeing that they were overly pursuing me, but we had a great talk at the combine. So I knew that they were very interested and so they were always in the back of my mind.”

(On his style as a player)
“I view myself as a blue collar grinder. I’m a guy that’s going to come out and work my ass off everyday be the best that I can possibly be. I thoroughly enjoy just playing football, being an offensive lineman and moving the guy from point a to point b against his will. Protecting the quarterback and mauling inside there’s nothing better.”

(On what it means to come from a program that has produced prolific offensive lineman)
“Iowa has such a great tradition of putting offensive lineman in the NFL. That was a  big reason why I went to Iowa. I’m happy that everything worked out and I got the coaching that I did that was able to prepare me for what’s ahead.”

(On if he felt in his senior year he had truly recovered from his ACL injury in 2012)
“Yeah, last year was a great year for me. Being back to start and really just getting back to what I do best. I feel like I took a huge step forward as a football player and as an offensive lineman and it’s just one step in the process. I’m going to keep going to work everyday to get as good as I possibly can be. I know I haven’t arrived. I’m not even close yet so I’m just going to keep working.”

(On how much did the ACL injury set him back)
“I understand that injuries are apart of football. As much as it sucks I just went to work everyday just trying to stay positive and did everything I could possibly do to get back to help my teammates because that’s all that matters. I just tried to stay positive and take it one day at a time, kept my head on straight and kept working.”

(On if he was constantly compared to teammate Brandon Sheriff during his time at Iowa)
“Yeah and I think that was a blessing. Having a guy like Brandon to be able to push yourself against and to play with was an outstanding resource for me with my five years at Iowa with him. Brandon’s a great person. We’ve become really good friends throughout this process and it’s been an absolute pleasure being able to play with him on the football field and I know it’s helped me a tremendous amount to be able to learn from him. To be able to push each other in the weight room, on the football field, it’s been a great experience.”

(On if he prefers to play guard or tackle)
“I’m just willing to play wherever a team needs me. I’m going to do whatever a team needs me to do. Whatever spot they need I’ll do it. I just want to play and I want to do what’s best for the organization.”

(On if this was around when he was expected to be drafted)
“Yeah. I mean, I tried to keep expectations at bay. I tried not to fall into a trap and think I was going to get drafted to a certain spot or anything. I just kind of tried to roll with the process. I just wanted to get on a team, just ready to hear my name get called. I got called in the fourth round by St. Louis and I couldn’t be happier.”

(On how tough it was waiting for his senior season to be a starter)
“Everyone has a different path throughout their careers. People play early, play late, they come into themselves at different times in their football careers. Mine happened to be later. I don’t think that’s bad at all because it shows that I’m coming into myself as a player late and I still have so much upside to contribute and to just become a better football player. I’m just going to keep working. This is only the beginning and just going to try to keep getting better.”

(On how he watched the draft today)
“Yeah, I’m back in Ohio at my parent’s (house) and just been hanging out, eating some lunch and watching the draft with family and friends. So, it doesn’t get a whole better than that.”

(On what they had to eat at his draft get together)
“Today we had some sub sandwiches for lunch. It’s kind of ticking away, a little bit of nervous eating because we’ve been hanging out.”

(On if he watched the first two days of the draft)
“I watched for (Redskins OL) Brandon (Scherff) the first day. I was really looking forward to watching him get drafted. I knew he was going to go high. It was great to see him on TV and get the recognition he deserves. Yesterday, I watched it here and there. I didn’t really make a huge deal of it. Just kind of watch to see what happens and hung out with family and friends, but today we stayed pretty glued to the TV.”

(On if he kept his phone handy yesterday)

(On playing Scherff in the second week of the season)
“Yeah, that’ll be great. That’ll be a change to see him wearing a different uniform playing for the other guys, but it will be great.”

(On if now that he’s been picked is it all even with him and Scherff)
“Yeah. Really it’s not about when you get on a team or how you get on a team. It’s what you do when you get there. We’re basically both starting over fresh. It’s a completely different experience for the both of us and I know we’re both going to work as hard as we possibly can to play the best football that we can for our organizations.”

(On if he played every position on the offensive line in college)
“I did. Yes, I played both sides – guard and tackle – in a game some point in my career.”

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