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NFL Week 17-Five Takeaways

by Scott Batchelor
  1. The overlying problem that seems to have plagued the Rams all season, and even for the last few years, is the Rams have not been able to finish a game. They put on such a strong opening half against the Seahawks that they had me believing that they may steal this one. But old habits die hard I suppose. Shaun Hill made more than one ill advised pass which led to 14 points off of turnovers. It is just one of those cases where they gave a good team the chance to fight back and they took full advantage of it. Overall I think we all expected a down year. Bradford went down early on and the Rams defense took a while to show up. 6-10 is still disappointing, but unfortunately it has become the norm for the Rams.
  2. The Panthers are playing at a much higher level than their record shows. They completely dismantled the Falcons offense holding them to just 121 yards. Cam Newton played like a captain and a leader rather than someone who is trying to make plays. He has really shown that he is ready to be a leader the last month of the season as he lead the team to four straight wins to take the division right out from under the Falcons and Saints. This is a team that got hot at just the right time, and momentum is everything going into the playoffs.
  3. I am most surprised by the Chargers play from last week. They had the most to play for and the easiest shot at the playoffs and they allowed the Chiefs to dominant on almost every side of the ball. If there is a bright side, it is that we get an excellent wildcard game between two bitter rivals Saturday night. If you are not looking forward to the Ravens and Steelers, you are not a football fan.
  4. It seems quite obvious on paper that the AFC is the stronger conference than the NFC. The AFC has 10 teams that finished with a winning record, the NFC only has 6. And honestly, you could put any of the winning teams from the AFC against anyone from the NFC and I would probably pick the AFC team 9/10 times. It may not be a bold prediction but I predict the AFC wins the Super Bowl this year, especially if it is the Patriots.
  5. The Colts seem to have trouble coming together as a team to put together a solid showing week after week. Yes they win games and Andrew Luck is the savior and future of the league, but nobody has them winning it all year after year. This year they stumble into the playoffs instead of rocketing with a full force of momentum. I would like to see the Colts make a deep run but they have some solid teams standing in their way. Maybe if they were in the NFC they might make the Super Bowl, but not in the AFC where they will potentially have to go up against the Steelers and Patriots.

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