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NFL Week 16-Five Take Aways

by Scott Batchelor
  1. Well, the Cowboys are ready for January football aren’t they? The Cowboys D shut down almost every aspect of a power house Colts offense. Holding the run game to just one yard, and shutting down former MVP candidate Andrew Luck down to the point where Matt Hasselbeck was put in after the ‘Boys put up 35 unanswered points. Romo was no slouch either, only throwing two incompletions and four touchdowns. Even an injured DeMarco Murray is a difference maker despite the fact he didn’t put up huge numbers. If anybody plays these guys at home, I would be hard pressed to pick against them.
  1. I am not a big Phillip Rivers fan but you cannot deny his drive to win games. Down by 21 going into the second half, I turned to my wife and said “There is no way they score 21 unanswered points” well I was right, they scored 14 unanswered, twice. Even though Rivers threw 3 INTS, he still threw four touchdowns and 356 yards. I picked the Chargers to win this game because they had something to play for, and their second half effort clearly showed it.
  1. The Seahawks showed their dominance once again. Sure the Cardinals are depleting and nothing about them scares anybody anymore, but that doesn’t stop a team like Seattle from coming in, cleaning house and moving on to their next victim…it would be a bummer to be a Rams fan (source: I am a Rams fan). Wilson continues to grow as a field general and despite all his off field antics, Lynch is still one of the best runners of his generation. He is hungry for another ring and I would hate to be a DB standing in his way.
  1. I predicted the Saints would not lose another game this season a couple weeks ago and I obviously overestimated them. Falling at home (again) to the Falcons sets up a division title game next week between the Falcons and Panthers to see which losing team represents the south. I have stated before a losing team in the playoffs doesn’t bother me and I am looking forward to whatever team gets to feed on the Cardinals in the wildcard round. And I truly believe that the division winner can easily beat the Cardinals, even if they have played lousy all season.
  1. It has been clear for a few weeks that something is just not clicking for the Broncos. On Monday, Peyton Manning had a bizarre night throwing four INTs, two of them coming late in the fourth quarter when his team needed the sheriff the most. I usually make it a habit to not pick against Manning but if he continues this type of play, I would not be surprised to see the Broncos get bounced in the first playoff game they play. On the other side, the Bengals really stepped up. With the AFC North being such a hot division, the Bengals needed this win to ensure a playoff spot. Now they get to play for a division title next week. The Steelers are playing some very tough football right now but if you can beat Peyton, you can beat anyone.

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