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Clayton Ker-Who?

by Megan Foster

A pitching duel for the ages. That’s what I was preaching around my second home, AKA work, today. I was a little nervous about the Kershaw-Wacha match up. I mean, come on; you have the almost for-sure NL Cy Young winner going against a rookie, who although has been throwing like a seasoned veteran, was being put into a high-stress situation. Well, we’re living stress free, Cardinal fans. That Wacha, he did what nobody could have possibly predicted.

I don’t know about you, and I believe I have complained about this before, but this whole second television network that has been carrying the NLCS is not amongst my favorites. I really believe they should stick to the NBA. Anywho, watching the pre-game with all of their so-called analysts, I was getting fired up. Listening to them talk about how awesome the Dodger line-up is, how Puig has earned a right to show-boat around, and how the Cardinal bats had been silent, I’ll admit, words that I shall not repeat were flying from my mouth. Then, when two out of three of these “analysts” called for a Dodger win, I laughed it off. I had to, if I wanted to allow myself to leave the channel on. I’m not going to get all mad at the analysts, and refuse to call out Puig for show-boating. I have a whole belief in the fact that this guy, he came from Cuba, he sees America out of a different set of eyes than we do. He plays on a team from LA LA land (pun intended). He is young. He can celebrate, I won’t bad mouth him for that, I just wish it hadn’t gotten so much attention. Wait! What am I doing?! Giving it more attention?! Moving on…

It took only 3 innings for the Cardinals to quiet the doubters tonight. After having runners in scoring position that did not get a chance to score in both the first and second innings, Michael Wacha led off the Cardinal home-half of the third, and grounded out, but then up-to-the plate stepped ye old standby. The guy we have come to count on in high pressure situations to get things going for the Cards. That’s right, Matt Carpenter. After fouling off what seemed to be 321 balls (yes, I am embellishing), he took Kershaw for a double, getting the scoring started. After some singles by Beltran, Yadi, and Sugar Shane Robinson, the Cardinals ended the third with a 4-0 lead. Kershaw was still pitching, and the boys weren’t done yet.

Fast forwarding to the bottom half of the 5th, there was no looking back. Singles by Yadi, Freese, and Beltran along with a double by Adams, the removal of Kershaw, a couple of fielders’ choices, and a sac fly, Cards lead was now 9-0. Wait, 9-0?! I was preaching to my students today about this being a pitching duel for the ages. They’re never going to believe me again. Eh, at least they all could be quizzed over what the words, “Today is CLINCH DAY!” mean, and ace it. It aligns with the 8th grade curriculum. Seriously.

So, what have you learned from this post? 1. Never doubt the Cardinals in the postseason, I don’t care who you are. Especially in St. Louis. 2. It does not take a bunch of homeruns to win an NLCS clinching game. 3. I would take Wacha over Kershaw any day, regardless of the odds. 4. Not every young player likes to show-boat (Wacha) even though they may have actually earned the right to. 5. Bring on the American League, Cardinals 12 in ’13!!

Get outta your seats, people, we’re going to the World Series!

Go Cards!



Photo: www.stltoday.com


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